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Mindspeaking: Communicating with Your Subconcious Mind.

14 10 2006

By Matt Dawodin

They say you only use about 10% of our brain. Thinking of all the accomplishments of man this is quite impressive and leaves a substantial amount of potential untapped. Science can use MRIs and other methods to look into your brain and see where you’re thinking. The thing is, you already have a connection to this vast untapped potential that’s faster than the fastest broadband connection. But before you go to uncharted lands making changes and experimenting with the unknown, lets take a look at the way things work in the known realm, so you can recognize patterns when you get to the unknown. Lets begin mindspeaking.

Mindspeaking, simply put, is communicating with your own mind. Of course you’ve been doing this subconsciously since you’ve existed. Most people don’t take the time to see what’s in their heads. Think about the word fire. Now think of a picture of fire. Remember a good fire like a campfire or fireplace. How about a memory of when you disliked fire, getting burned by the stove or seeing fire destroy something important?
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Weight Loss and the Law of Attraction

14 10 2006

By Aaron M. Potts

Depending on the circles that you run in, you may or may not have heard about a very powerful force in your life that is called the Law of Attraction. It’s powers are literally limitless and utilizing those powers is absolutely free of charge!

Who doesn’t want Unlimited Cosmic Power without even having to bust open their wallet?

I will start with a brief introduction to the Law of Attraction, and then I will get right into how you can use this universal power for something that a lot of people care about – losing weight!

In simple terms, the Law of Attraction basically states that “like attracts like”. Whatever thoughts and feelings that you focus on the most will literally determine your future.

In fact, the Law of Attraction has already been working for you and every other life form in our universe since the beginning of time. However, only recently has education about its incredible power become readily available to the general public.
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Three Factors for Financial Success

13 10 2006

by Brian Tracy

What do wealthy people do or have that enables them to accomplish so much more than the average? I believe that these people are successful as a result of what I call leverage. Leverage is the key to maximizing and multiplying your potential for success and financial achievement. Here are three examples of leverage that you can develop to achieve financial independence:

Become an Expert
First, become an expert in your chosen field. Read all the books, take all the courses, listen to all the audio programs. Second, specialize in those areas that are of greatest importance and greatest value to your company or to your customers. And the third key is know your product or service inside out. Aim to be recognized as the industry expert in your field. Remember the person who has the expertise has a far greater contribution to make than the person whose knowledge is just average.
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Home Mortgage Loan Refinancing Online - 3 Tips On Refinancing Your Home

12 10 2006

When refinancing your home, it’s helpful to know a few things about refinancing. When you refinance, you usually pay off the old loan and sign for a new loan, whether you are refinancing your 1st mortgage, second mortgage or home equity loan. The expense that comes in to play when refinancing are the new closing costs and points charge for getting a new loan.

How much can you expect in closing costs for a refinance? Usually between 3-6% of the total loan amount. So, for a loan amount of $150,000, you can expect to pay around $7 in fees. Usually, a company that will say that have no closing costs, will also charge a higher interest rate to compensate. The mortgage broker has to make money somehow, they will either charge a higher interest rate or charge higher closing costs. The best way to compare refinance lenders is to analyze all of the expenses. Read the rest of this entry »

Are You Living the Life You Imagined?

11 10 2006

Do you feel strong, healthy, financially secure?

are you too busy working to make more money than you need just to ‘get by’?

Will you be in the same position five years from now?

So you’ve scoured the internet for a home business and are now totally confused, how do you separate the real diamonds from the fake?

Most business opportunity websites focus on money and success stories. Do you REALLY think that you can:
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Meditation An Overall View

10 10 2006

by Jason Story

So you think that meditation is a more effective way of going to sleep than counting sheep? Well for some, that may be true. However, for those who practice meditation with a strong conviction, the benefits of meditation are far greater than being able to sleep fast. Basically, meditation has been designed to help people free their mind from lifes constant conflicts. It promises to give people a deeper sense of relaxation and a higher control of themselves. The benefits of meditation even includes understanding ones self as it is viewed to be a process that will lead people to self-awareness.
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Overcoming Resistance to Change

9 10 2006

by Stuart Gardiner

It has been said that people will do more to avoid pain than to experience pleasure. I would like the reader to consider a slight adjustment to the above phrase and follow the word ‘avoid’ with the word ‘anticipated’. We never really know if something is going to be hard or painful until we actually do it. The only thing that actually stops us doing something is our minds idea about something built from ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ or simply fear. We fear or anticipate the pain of attempting something new simply because to do so means leaving our comfort zone. Our habitual condition makes us feel safe and because the outcome of any new action can’t be predicted we tend to fear the worse rather than expect the best.
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Do You Need to Have More Friends?

8 10 2006

by Royane Real

A few weeks I read in the newspaper that the average American person has only two close friends or relatives they can confide in. And in most cases, the persons they confided in were usually members of their immediate family.

When I read this I was shocked, because I didn’t think that having only two people to confide in was enough. And it turns out that just two decades ago, the average American person had at least three people they could confide in. So, it seems the number of close friends the average American has is going down.

Recently, I experienced a big crisis in my life when one of my close family members became very sick. I could not have gotten through this crisis without the emotional and practical support of a lot of people.
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Goal Setting Methods - Why Goals Are Vital To Your Success

8 10 2006

by Asoka Selvarajah

The art of goal-setting is correctly said to be the key to life-long success. At the same time, it is admitted that those who set goals often fail to follow through. Yes, they may be more likely to succeed than those who set no goals whatsoever. However, how can you learn to set goals and then follow through consistently to create the life you dream of?

First, be in no doubt about the critical importance of having goals, and preferably creating them in writing. What is a goal exactly? Tony Robbins defined a goal as a dream with a deadline. In other words, you define your dreams, and then come up with a time estimate of how long it will take for you to get there.
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How to Develop Super Self Confidence

7 10 2006

Do you know how to handle everything that life throws at you? Do you forge ahead with confidence and enthusiasm? Are you extremely confident in your capabilities?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are a super self confident person and you do not need my help. For the rest of you, I have tips on how you can become that self confident.

I think that I am quite self confident, but when I attempt something completely new I sometimes have a small bit of doubt about my capabilities to handle the challenge. Most people do. That is why we should all strive to become super self confident individuals.
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