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How To Unleash Your Power Of Concentration

1 11 2006

by Rasheed Ali

It’s the most powerful success strategy of them all!

More success and fortunes have been attributed to sheer concentration or rather focus than any other success strategy in existence.


Well the fact of the matter is that there many of us have great ideas and hopes of accomplishments in our lives or businesses.

It starts as a twinkling in your eye after receiving an inspiring marketing message or some phenomen al idea that came to you in the shower or some other place where your mind was free to think without distraction.

The problem is that when it comes down to actually getting it done, we often fall short because of things like procrastination, distractions, self-doubt, inconsistency and even fear.

The unfortunate truth is, that the world is literally littered with the “carcasses” of abandoned ideas and potenti al accomplishments that never became a reality for the simple reason that the person behind them became unfocused, procrastinated, or began to doubt the validity of their idea in the first place.

Think about this:

“Star Wars” has become one of the most profitable movie and product franchises in history but, the reality is, back then the simple idea of “Star Wars” was turned down by every movie studio in Hollywood before 20th Century Fox accepted it!

Can you imagine that?

Through the simple power of concentration, George Lucas was able single-mindedly move forward through constant rejection and bring forth the legendary “Star Wars” films that have been released from 1977 to 2005. (I think even more to come)

Fact is, this is not an origin al case. There are countless stories of triumph and accomplishment, fame and wealth because of Focus.

Now there are simple steps anyone can take to truly achieve greatness through focus.

Three simple steps really…

1. Find and define a definite purpose for your idea or desire. Realize that ideas and desires will come and go but, it only takes ONE idea or desire to achieve success. Everyone at some point in their lives has too many ideas and not enough time to accomplish them all. Pick the one you are most passionate about.

2. Form the habit of concentrating on that one idea or desire without allowing distraction. You must control your impulses, passions, emotions, actions and poor habits. If not you will end up throwing yet another carcass in the ditch of failure. Simply and habitually, seek to control those things as you work toward your idea or desire. Questioning to improve your idea is fine, but questioning to find a reason to quit is what most of us do all too often. Remember, the grass doesn’t always look green everyday and there will be times that you question your own actions. Use them wisely and with progress in mind.

3. Build and strengthen your thoughts and mind as you work toward fulfilling your idea or desire.
Different thoughts and people are always among us. There are always good ones and bad ones in both. As you work towards achievement, your thoughts and mind must work with positive energy in order to conquer your ment al and person al adversaries. (that would be negative thoughts and people)

Following and sticking to these three steps is the true path of a champion.

The greatest book ever written on the subject of Focus is “The power of Concentration” by Theron Dumont.

In it he says, “It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration.” Through focus or the power of concentration, ANYONE can achieve greatness on an epic scale.

Come to think of it, is “Focus” the real “Force”?

Become the Master of Focus and you WILL achieve greatness and prosperity!


*** Rasheed Ali was once a homeless & penniless teenager on the streets of New York is now helping to change the lives of thousands people from all over the world through his innovative and thought-provoking newsletters and websites. He publishes the power of concentration Newsletter and provides a complimentary copy of the timeless classic by Theron Dumont at ***

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