The Key To Your Fears And Beating Them

15 01 2007

Edvard Munch Screamby Robert Hunt

We are the architects of our lives and our destiny. Our lives do not hold joy that was not first born in our minds and imagination. Our circumstances are then outwardly crystallized through the power of our thoughts. Unhappiness, illness and failure are born from fear and negative thinking.

Fear is born out of the belief that we do not control our destiny. Don’t we all at some point fear there will never be enough money for retirement, or to buy a home or make the next months rent? Haven’t some of us feared some sort of tragic event to befall us or our loved ones? We all have our own special brand of fear. But have you ever wondered what is the foundation for your fears?

Take a look at nature. How profoundly abundant nature is in everything. Is it possible that a Universe that imagined such abundance ever intended for you to scrimp and save for your pennies? Absolutely not! So what could it be? For me, it is an understanding that everything is an idea. So in order for me to overcome my fears, I need to reform my ideas of what I believe fear to be.

For example, suppose someone has a fear of poverty. They believe they will never make enough to raise they’re standard of living. The fear is they will always live in a sub standard house, in a crime-ridden neighborhood and fear for the safety of they’re children.

Everyday, an individual wakes up, takes the bus to his low paying job and worries how he is going to improve his lot in life. He wonders how he is ever going to make a better life for his family. His fears of the future overtake any vision he has to make the needed changes. He has imprisoned his mind and made himself incapable of seeing nothing but more of the same.

But the individual who realizes - despite all outward appearance - that his mind is cause for change, then he will succeed. When he refuses to believe in his circumstances as anything but temporary, his most cherished desires will crystallize into outward form.

Take the story of Chris Gardner. The movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith was recently released which portrayed his struggles to build a better life for himself and his son. Chris honored his commitment as a loving and caring father, using the affection and trust his son had placed in him as an impetus to overcome the obstacles he faced. Chris envisioned a better life and never let go.

You must think about and concentrate on what it is you want, NOT on what you do not want. If you have a fear of poverty, or sickness, etc., then focus on the opposite of those fears. Replace those old worn out beliefs with new constructive ideas. It is very important to remember that thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.

When this truth begins to sink in and becomes a conscious part of who you really are, you will finally come to understand you have nothing to fear.

Robert Hunt is the creator of MySelfDevelopment -

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