5 Simple Rules

16 01 2007

Whatever you do, whatever you work, whatever your dreams are, whatever your responsibilities and daily endeavors, you share with all the other people a simple thing: you live. And you live among other people.

Most of our happiness and all of our misery comes from interacting with other people. Even the simplest interaction brings heavy modifications within your real self and slightly changes the direction of your path.

Try to think at your interactions like an exchange of energies, which, by the way, they really are. If your interaction with a person will suck you out of energy, you’ll feel down. If the interactions feeds you with energy, you’ll feel great. In every human contact there is a certain amount of energy that is involved and there is also a normal exchange of those energies.

But as any other thing in our conceivable world, energy is consumable. If you are not careful enough you’ll eventually ran out of it. You’ll start to feel depressed, doubtful and scary. Your energies are consumed.

Is there a way to preserve your energies thought your daily contact and interaction with other humans? Or even to increase the level of energy after a normal day? My answer to that is yes. I am also sure that other people can respond the same, and I also know that there are tons of informations about how to do it. I just want to share some of my thoughts on this:

  1. Whenever you engage an interaction, engage it consciously. Be aware of the person you interact with, but be also aware of you in that specific context. Try to witness the maximum amount of experience out of it. If you just interact automatically (don’t we all in some long-term relationships, like marriage?) you aren’t exchanging energy, you are just running an auto-pilot. It may seem difficult to approach each and every human interaction consciously, but it isn’t. In fact, is far more easy to engage each interaction consciously because you are actually creating energy with each relation, by correctly channeling the other’s informations, emotions and thoughts through your own person. Making “sleepy” interactions are just another way to walk around with all your energy channels blocked.
  2. Learn how to say NO. This is common sense, I agree. But common sense is not so common, you know. You may learn from books or coaches to say no to your energy suckers, but you must also learn to say “no” to yourself, in some situations. Most of the time you act by habit. You follow some simple reflexes and there you go, you have a life. Try to say NO to your habits. Try to make the habit of not having habits. Whenever you experience a habit, you are not creating energy, you are, in the best case, conserving it. But when you conserve energy, you are just conserving energy, you know… You are not increasing it.
  3. Look for the interesting people in your world. It’s hard to do that, because the most interesting people happens to be the most difficult. People that forces us to question our lives, our actions, our goals. People that get you out of your comfort zone. It’s far more easier to look for nice people, because they are always comfortable. To a certain degree, it’s very normal to be in a group that shares the same interests and goals, and feel comfortable about that. But when you find yourself in a challenge with somebody else, embrace it. Don’t run into your cosy circle of well-known friends because you might just lose a hidden growth opportunity. Whenever you feel challenged remember that there are many energies involved in this process and you might just fond a source for creating energy, even if in the beginning you have to spend some in order to level with the other person.
  4. Don’t label people. Don’t say that this person is “boring”, or the other is “fun to be around”. If you do that you’ll just miss their potential. There are no “boring” or “fun to be around” persons, there are just different situations and different reactions to that. Try to just observe the people you interact with, not putting any label at all on them, and notice what they do, instead of what they are. If you are engaged in a conscious observation, focusing on what others do, you are just opening your own gates for receiving their energy. Is like when you label somebody you put a roadblock to yourself: “oh, Jim again, he’s boring, I have nothing to gain from him”. Just observe the person, and let any energy from him to pass to you.
  5. Always act in the JFK-approach: “don’t ask yourself what the person could do for you, ask what you can do for the person”. Almost any contact that we don’t do consciously is a form of uncosciously trying to balance our energies. Is like we know we are imbalanced and try to get our energies from others. You know for sure those persons that talk and talk and talk for ever? They want your energy. They don’t even realize that. Or the person that sit grumpy and makes negative comments all the time? He just try to level some energy in himself, and although he’s interacting with you, it has nothing to do with you. Your are doing this also, let’s be fair… But if you try to change this and start asking to yourself: “what can I do for this person that I am talking right now”, instead of “what can this person can give to me”, your attitude will be completely different. You are already giving your energy to the other and that will automatically open - even unconsciously for the other - his gates for communication. Concentrating your efforts toward the other will streamline the communication channels almost instantly, and the energies will start to flow magically.

Well, that were my 5 simple rules for today. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment or share any other opinion. Thanks for reading.

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One response to “5 Simple Rules”

17 01 2007
Ashish Mohta (09:53:08) :

Whenever you engage an interaction, engage it consciously, Thats what i do else i dont talk back. Great Tips

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