‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ Series 08 - Sallie Krawcheck, CFO, Citigroup

January 29, 2024

Sallie Krewcheck

“When I was a kid I was ‘that kid’ –freckles, braces, and very unfortunate glasses. If I wasn’t the last chosen for the team, I was the second to last. There are so many heartbreaking stories I remember, like the time I finally managed to kick the ball in kickball. I was running for first base all excited, and then my glasses fell off and I had to go back and get them. The teasing was really tough. I wasn’t just crying in class; I was falling apart at school. My grades went from A’s to C’s.

“Don’t listen to the naysayers.” - Sallie Krawcheck, 40, CFO of Citigroup

“One day when I was really down, my mom sat me on the sofa. She spoke to me as though she was speaking to another adult, telling me to stop paying attention to the girls who were teasing me. She told me that they were naysayers who would sit on the sidelines and criticize those who were out there trying. She said that the reason they were doing it was because they were jealous. Looking back, I know they weren’t really jealous, but at the time, I believed my mom. My grades went back up, and I never let the naysayers bother me again.”

The Manifesting Mindset - A Life Without Limits

January 29, 2024

By: Penelope Housden

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to sail through life, effortlessly attracting the right people and good fortune to themselves, while others struggle every day just to get by, never mind achieving what they actually want.

It’s not a matter of luck, or not just of luck, nor is it simply a question of maintaining a positive attitude and a belief in oneself. Probably unconsciously, these successful people have learned how to manipulate their environment in order to create their desires.

Rather than being responsible for who and what we are, we are largely the product of our parents’ thinking, and the influences of our upbringing, our schooling, the people we mix with, and the community around us. While that was fine when we were young and growing up, it is Read more

‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ Series 07 - Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

January 28, 2024

Jack Welch

“It was 1979 or 1980. I was on the board of GE for the first time. And I was in Seattle for one of those three-day director outings. I had just gone to my first or second board meeting, and at a party for the directors afterwards, Paul

“Be yourself.” Jack Welch, 69 - Former chairman and CEO of General Electric

Austin, the former chairman of Coke, came up to me. He was a reserved, formal man. Anyway, he must have noticed my starched shirt and how quiet I was in the meeting. I was all prim and proper.

He said to me, ‘Jack, don’t forget who you are and how you got here.’ I gave him an embarrassed ‘Thanks.’ But I knew what he meant. I had always been myself except in this instance. I had never been quiet. He hit me in the nose with it, and it was startling. Next meeting, I think I spoke up a bit.”

‘Best Advice I Ever Got’ Series 06 - Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay

January 27, 2024

Meg Whitman

“Several pieces of advice I’ve gotten in my life have really made a difference. ‘Be nice to people.’ This sounds like a platitude, but I’ll never forget my father telling me that. I was 10, and I had been mean to someone. He said, ‘There is no point in being mean to anyone at any time. You never know who you’re going to meet later in life. And by the way, you don’t change anything by being mean. Usually you don’t get anywhere.’

“Be nice, do your best-and most important, keep it in perspective.” - Meg Whitman, 48 - CEO and President of eBay

“Remember that you can do anything you want to do. Don’t let anyone say, ‘You’re not smart enough … it’s too hard … it’s a dumb idea … no one has done that before … girls don’t do that.’ My mom gave me that advice in 1973. And it allowed me to never worry about what others were saying about my career direction.
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