How To Motivate Yourself To Make Decisions Quickly

January 16, 2024

life hacksBy Keith A. Shaw

An inherent weakness that we all have, in both our personal and career lives, is S-L-O-W decision making. You know you need to do something, but for unknown reasons, you procrastinate. Maybe it is less painful not to do something than it is to do it. Perhaps it is like a menu in a restaurant with too many choices and you can not decide on what to select. Perhaps you are afraid of hearing the word “no”, and so you never do what needs to be accomplished.

Whatever the reason, the facts show that people fail because of the lack of deciding to do something, WHEN it should be done. Those that are most successful in any endeavor are those who are quick to grasp opportunities by making quick decisions.

I once worked with a man I will call “Ted”, who was always late for EVERYTHING — work, meetings, deadlines for presentations and of course, making decisions. I even joked with him that he would be late for his own funeral. And here is the ironic part — “Ted” set his watch 15 minutes ahead to make sure that he was on time, and he WAS STILL CONSISTENTLY LATE!
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The Quiet Millionaire Wins the Financial Game

January 16, 2024

Book by Brett Wilder

Being a millionaire is a realistic aspiration if you are knowledgeable and diligent about becoming one. Today, people are required to accumulate greater amounts of money to fund their lifetime goals and objectives than was necessary by previous generations. This book covers what should be included in a comprehensive financial management program for people of all ages who want to live a financially independent and secure lifestyle. It shows reliable ways to plan and manage the emotional aspects of money, cash flow, assets, liabilities, taxes, investments, employee benefits, insurance, health care, business ownership, college financing, accumulated estate wealth, and, most critical, how not to run out of money during retirement.

In today’s often confusing and contradictory world of information overload, the reader is informed how to discern and distinguish what information is beneficially useful or harmful to his or her financial well-being. Moreover, if professional assistance is desired, guidance is provided for how to select and work with a financial advisor as well as how and when paying for an advisor’s help is justified.
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The New Blind Spot of Business

January 16, 2024

by John L. Mariotti

You’re driving along, and you decide to change lanes. You check your rear view mirrors; a quick sideways glance; and activate your turn signal. Suddenly a horn blares and a fender flashes in your peripheral vision. You react, but were you fast enough to avoid the imminent collision? A car was in your blind spot. What does this have to do with global business? Everything. There is a “new blind spot” going unnoticed.

We are certainly in the most complex business era ever. Complexity grows daily. The range of issues management must consider is staggering—terrorist threats, foreign exchange, off-shoring, financing debacles, illegal immigration, new regulations, energy/commodity shortages, and technology that’s growing at warp speed.

A New Layer of Complexity—The “Blind Spot”
As if this array of issues isn’t enough, there’s another layer of complexity, a new “blind spot” if you will, just waiting to cause problems. What is it? The layer of complexity caused by the desperate pursuit of double-digit growth in low (or no) growth markets. Emerging mega-customers command huge buying leverage, as competitors fight for growth around the globe. Just as a well-intentioned lane change exposed the danger in your blind spot, this relentless search for growth causes a new blind spot—complexity caused by proliferation, done with the well-intentioned quest for growth where there is little, or none, to be had.

This new blind spot exists because of two factors, which together cause tectonic shifts in global competition.
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