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God Creates No Garbage上帝造無垃圾

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This is a Guest post from Blog Carnival participant,這是一個客戶後,由博客嘉年華參與者, Edith Yeung ( Edith楊 . She is a powerhouse.她是一個強國。 Check out her blog看看她的博客 .

What motivates you to get up every morning?是什麼促使你起床,每天早上? What put a smile on your face before you go to bed at night?怎樣把微笑地對你的臉前,你到床上,晚上呢? Why do you do what you do every day?為什麼你做什麼,你做的每一天?

Imagine you are given a vault to open.想像給你躍居開放。 Inside this vault lies the answer to your life’s purpose.這裡面拱頂在於答案,你的人生的目的。

This is a big iron vault.這是一個大鐵金庫。 If you force it open, you will damage what’s inside.如果你強迫它開放的,你會損害裡面是什麼。 The easy way is to find the key to the vault, but you have no idea where the key is…簡便辦法是找到關鍵拱頂,但你不知道的地方,關鍵是…

Sometimes you may find keys which look like they could work, but when you try them with the vault, you only leave with disappointment and sadness.有時,你可能會發現鑰匙像是他們可以工作,但是當你嘗試與跳馬,你只留下失望和悲哀。

You can’t wait to open the vault and find out your true purpose.你不能等到打開金庫,並了解你的真實目的。 You know the answer is inside and it is only one turn of the key away.你知道答案是內,它只有一個之交的關鍵。

We are all here for a reason.我們在這裡是有理由的。 For a purpose.為目的。 We are here to serve.我們的職責是服務。 To dream.做夢。 To fulfill a purpose that our creator has designed for us.要滿足一定的目的,我們的造物主設計了我們。

The key to understanding your purpose is to find the key to your vault.關鍵要了解你的目的是要找出關鍵你的金庫。

Lots of people would pass you by and tell you what the right key is.很多人會把你的,並告訴你如何正確的,關鍵是。 But no one really knows except you.但沒有人真正知道,除了你。

The trick is that only you will be able to find the right key to your own vault.訣竅在於,只有你能找到正確的,關鍵你自己的金庫。 And, the only way to find out is to closely listen to your heart.而且,只有這樣,才能弄清的是,要密切傾聽你的心。

Trust your intuition.相信你的直覺。 Not your mind.不是你的態度。 Not your intellect.不是你的才智。 And definitely not anyone else’s.絕對不是其他人提出的。

You can and you will find the right key.你可以和你會找到正確的關鍵。 Once you find that key, it will be easy (like a breeze) to open what seem to be a complicated puzzle.一旦你發現這個關鍵,將比較容易(如微風)打開什麼似乎是一個複雜的拼圖。

You just need to find that key.你只需要找到關鍵。 That purpose.這一目的。 That very one thing that motivates you in the morning and put a smile on your face at night.這很一件事,這樣可以激勵你在上午把微笑地對你的臉在夜間進行。

So now, turn that frown upside down.因此,現在反過來說,眉顛倒了。 Remember God creates no garbage.記得上帝造無垃圾。 If you haven’t found your key yet, it is just a matter of time.如果你還沒有找到你的關鍵,但它只是一個時間的問題。

The key is not to give up on your vault.關鍵是不要放棄對你的金庫。

Spend some time to listen and pay attention to you.花一些時間來聽,並留意你。 Cut out all the noise and distractions around you.切斷所有的噪音和分心你周圍。 You always have the answer.你總是有答案。 You know you have had the answer all along and you just need to listen.你知道你曾經有答案一直和你只需要傾聽。

Think About It…去想它…
It is time for you to slow down, pay attention and find your key.現在是時候了,你會放緩,要注意,並找到你的鑰匙。 Your vault is waiting to be opened.你的跳馬是等待我們去開。

Author: Travis Wright 作者:賴特的Travis

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