by Andrew Galasetti of Lyved由鄭家富galasetti的lyved

How many times have you heard someone say, “Hindsight is always 20/20″?您有多少次聽到有人說, “事後孔明,始終是20/20 ” ? If you are like me, you hear it a lot and think it a lot more.如果你是和我一樣,你聽到了很多,並認為它還有很多。 Last year Jay wrote an article listing things he wished he’d known earlier.去年傑伊寫了一篇文章,上市的事情,他希望他要已知較早。 It got me thinking that the most crucial lessons in life and success aren’t taught in books or written on blogs, but they are found by living life itself.它讓我以為最關鍵的教訓,在生活和成功的不是教授在書本上或書面上的博客,但他們發現的生活生命本身。

Sure, there may be nuggets of wisdom that we pick up from當然,也有可能是掘金隊的智慧,我們拿起從 Dumb Little Man啞巴小男子 , Zen Habits禪宗的習慣 , or ,或 Life Remi生活remi x, but it is up to us individually to act upon them and learn the lessons. X ,但它是我們單獨採取行動後,他們和汲取教訓。 If it takes a failure for us to learn something important, so be it.如果需要失敗,我們要了解一些重要的,那就這樣做吧。

Here are 20 things that I personally came to understand and believe in. Your 20 could be totally different.這裡是20的事情,我個人來理解和相信,您的20英寸,可完全不同。 Perhaps you only have 5, it doesn’t matter.也許,你只有五,不要緊。 The key is that you learn from your life, your failures and your successes.關鍵是你學習你的生活,您的失敗和您的成就。 Neglect any one of those and you are taking a rocky road to learning and personal development.忽視任何一個那些和您正在服用的岩石道,以學習和個人發展。

1. 1 。 You must create and look for opportunities: Opportunities rarely ever come knocking on the door of someone who’s not seeking them. 你必須創造和尋找機會:機會很少以往任何時候都來敲開大門的人不求他們。 You have to create and seek opportunities for yourself.你必須創造和尋求機會,為自己。 You have to take the initiative to get the ball rolling and the doors opening.你必須採取主動,得球滾動和開放的大門。

2. 2 。 Negativity will only bring more of it: When you focus only on negativity, obviously that’s all you will see. 消極,只會帶來更多的資訊科技:當您只集中於負面,顯然,這一切,您會看到。 You will not seek out positivity, and even when positivity comes into your life, you’ll look for the negative part of it.您將不會尋求陽性,甚至當陽性生效您的生活,您看看,為負的一部分。

3. 3 。 Where you are does not determine where you can go: It doesn’t matter if you’re homeless or living in a mansion, poor or rich, or if you have a 4.0 grade point average or “failing”, it won’t make any difference in the future. 你身在何處並不確定在何處,你可以去 :不要緊,如果您無家可歸或生活在某大廈,貧富,或如果您有一個4.0級點平均或“沒有” ,它不會使任何的差異,在未來的。 There are countless rags to riches stories to back this point up.有無數的碎布,以財富的故事回到了這一點。 If you have the drive and talents, you can go anywhere.如果您有驅動器和人才,您可以去任何地方。 You create your own limitations and horizon.您可以建立自己的局限性和視野。

4. 4 。 If you can’t help others, you can’t help yourself: Even if it’s just to hold the door for someone or some other simple gesture, it will do wonders for your life. 如果你不能幫助別人,你不能幫助自己:即使這只是舉行的大門,有人或其他一些簡單的手勢,它會做奇蹟為您的生活。 You’ll feel great and you’ll eventually be returned the favor sometime during your life, whether you realize it or not.您覺得偉大而您最終會返回的歡心,有時在你的生活,你是否意識到或沒有。 If you don’t want to help others, then others won’t want to help you, and nor should they.如果您不想來幫助別人,那麼別人也不會願意幫助你,也不應該。

5. 5 。 Follow your passion, money will follow: If you have passion and have fun doing your job, then I wouldn’t consider it a job. 按照您的激情,金錢,將遵循:如果你有熱情,並享受其中的樂趣做你的工作的話,我不會考慮它的工作。 You can focus on creating even more passion for that subject and money will eventually follow you.您可以集中精力創造更熱愛這一主題和金錢,最終將跟隨你。 If you focus only on the money, it won’t come because you’re focused on the quantity of your work and not the quality.如果你只注重金錢,它不會因為你長得很帥,側重於數量您的工作,而不是質量。

6. 6 。 Enjoy yourself: Have fun as much as possible, don’t take everything so seriously. 享受自己:有樂趣,盡可能多地,不採取一切嚴重。 Push your worries aside and bring enjoyment closer.把您的憂慮,除了帶來更緊密的享受。

7. 7 。 If it were easy everyone would do it: This is why get rich quick schemes will never be true. 如果它很容易人人都會做:這就是為什麼賺快錢的計劃絕不會是真的。 If it was so quick and easy then everyone would be millionaires.如果是,這麼快和容易,然後每個人都將是百萬富翁。 Making money and accomplishing tasks is hard work, but well worth it.賺錢和完成任務的是勤奮工作,但非常值得。

8. 8 。 Planning is good but so is being spontaneous: Planning ahead in business and in life is important but so is being able to quickly change that plan. 規劃是好的,但現正自發:規劃未來在商業和生活中是很重要的,但現正能夠迅速改變這一計劃。 Various people and events will get in the way of your plans, so you have to be able to modify or forget your plans at times.各種人民和活動將在方式,您的計劃,所以,你必須能夠修改或忘記您的計劃時代。 Be spontaneous once and awhile, it makes life interesting.被自發的,一旦和一段時間,它使生活有趣。

9. 9 。 You have many talents: You may be a talented athlete or musician but you probably have ten more talents you don’t even know about. 您有許多人才:你可能是一個天才運動員或音樂家,但你可能有10更多人才,你甚至不知道。 When people find something they’re good at, they only focus on that instead of seeing what else they can do.當人們找到他們很善於在,他們只集中在這不是看到他們還有什麼可以做。

10. 10 。 Don’t work hard without rewards: What’s the point of working hard to follow your dreams if you aren’t going to treat yourself along the way. 沒有努力工作,沒有報酬:什麼樣的出發點,努力按照您的夢想,如果您不是去對待自己在前進的道路上。 Each little or big goal you accomplish should be rewarded with a proportionate treat, maybe a day off or a big slice of cake.每個小或大的目標,您完成應獎勵比例對待,也許放假一天或一個大的份額蛋糕。

11. 11 。 Money does bring happiness: As I said, you shouldn’t be chasing money but when you do earn it, you know you’ve been accomplishing something. 錢是否帶來幸福:正如我剛才所說,您不應該追逐金錢,而是當您這樣做賺取它,你知道你已經完成的東西。 It feels great and brings you happiness because you know you’ll have more freedom and time to do what you want.這種感覺棒極了,並為您帶來幸福,因為你知道你將有更多的自由和時間,做你想要的。

12. 12 。 Someone always has it worse: At times you may be having a bad day, but stop yourself and think about it; there has to be millions of other people are having a worse day than you. 有人總是有它更糟:有時你可能有一個糟糕的一天,但停止自己去想它;必須有以百萬計的其他人有更壞的天比你。

13. 13 。 You’ll need others: Make as many friends as you possibly can and never burn bridges. 您需要他人的:由於很多朋友,正如你可能可以和從來沒有燒傷的橋樑。 You will need others for your success.您將需要別人為您的成功。

14. 14 。 Being open-minded is the key to more knowledge: If you want to know more about the world you have to be open-minded. 正在開放的態度是關鍵,以更多的知識:如果你想知道更多有關世界,你必須持開放的態度。 Give everything a chance.提供一切機會。

15. 15 。 Failure is great: One of the most important, if not the most important steps to success is failure. 失敗是偉大的:其中一個最重要的,如果不是最重要的步驟,成功是失敗的。 You have to fail at least once, but it’s better if you’ve failed multiple times.您有失敗至少一次,但它的更好,如果您沒有多次。 You can learn so much more from your failures than you could any other way.您可以了解這麼多,多從你的失敗,你可以比任何其他方式。 And when you finally achieve success, you’ll appreciate it so much more.當你終於取得成功,您將欣賞它,使更多的工作。

16. 16 。 Most people are actually nice: This is something I’ve only recently realized. 大多數人其實是很好:這是我已經是最近才實現。 Most people are nice, but not usually to strangers.大多數人都很好,但通常不會向陌生人。 Once they get to know you and you get to know them, they will most likely seem like very nice people.一旦他們才能真正了解您和您去了解他們,他們將最有可能好像非常好的人。

17. 17 。 Words and thoughts control everything: What you say and think will ultimately become reality. 換言之和思想控制一切:你說什麼,並認為最終會成為現實。 If you say you’re going to fail, then you will because you’ll find a way to make it happen.如果你說你要去失敗,那麼你會因為您將找到一種方法,做到這一點。 If you say you’re going to succeed, the same will happen, you’ll find a way.如果你說你要去成功,同時會發生,您會找到一個方法。

18. 18 。 Your view is the reality: How you see an event or situation is how it exists. 您的看法是現實:您如何看到一個事件或情況是,它如何存在。 If you see something as tragic and negative then that’s what it means to you.如果您看到的東西,作為悲慘的和負面的,然後說的是什麼意思你。 If you see something as exciting and positive, then that’s what it is.如果你看到一些令人振奮的作為和積極的,那的是什麼。

19. 19 。 Inspiration and motivation are everywhere: I don’t care where you are, there is something there that can motivate and inspire you. 靈感和動機,到處都是:我不照顧你身在何處,有一些東西在那裡,可以激勵和鼓舞你。 You can be at war is some far away country, in horrible conditions, but there will be something there to keep you going and strive for something better.你可以在戰爭是一些遙遠的國家,在可怕的條件,但會有一些有讓你去爭取更好的。 You just have to recognize it and keep it with you.剛才你不得不承認,它並保持與您聯繫。

20. 20 。 You can change the world: Every single person has the ability to change the world whether directly or indirectly. 你可以改變世界:每一個單身人士,有能力改變這個世界是否直接或間接的。 When you change your life and the lives of those around you, you’ve changed the world.當您變更您的生命和生活的周圍,你已經改變了世界。 Small things that you do can make a huge impact on the world.小的東西,你可以作出了巨大的影響,對世界。