What’s so Simple that it’s nearly Impossible?

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3 02 2007

IMpossibleby Aaron Potts

Self improvement in and of itself is a fairly easy to understand concept. You have one or more areas of your life that you are not happy with, so you decide to take steps to improve those areas.

For some people it is as simple as something like just taking more time for themselves each day, but for most people it is something more extreme such as long-term weight loss, financial freedom, relationship success, etc.

However, as simple as it is to say that you want to improve some area of your life, when it comes to actually implementing the necessary changes, things tend to get more complicated, especially with regard to something like financial or relationship success.

A goal such as losing weight is easy – at least on paper. Eat right and exercise. How do you “fix” financial burdens, though? How do you bring your “dream mate” into your life?

The answer to the riddle about the self improvement task that is so simple that it’s nearly impossible is – whatever task it is that you want the most!

If you have a burning desire for something in your life, whether it be money, health, fulfilling relationships, or anything else, that burning desire is there because you don’t already have that thing.

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why it is that the things that you want most in the world are the things that you have the most trouble actually getting your hands on?

Whether it be via the actions that you take – or the actions that you don’t take – there is a serious disconnect between your desires and what you actually have in your life.

The good news, which is also the simple part of this equation, is that YOU are the disconnect. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to manifesting the things that you want into your life.

It may not seem that way from your point of view, because you are probably working very hard towards getting the things that you want. You may have a job that you are excelling at in order to “move up,” you might put everything that you have into your relationships, and you may save every dime that you can in order to get ahead financially.

However, when it comes down to it, although taking action is a critical component to success, it is your mental state of mind, not just your actions, that sets the stage for your success.

There are any number of belief systems that can affect whether or not you attain your goals. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, a high work ethic, strong morals, or even if you just have a high level of self-confidence, your success always – and only – depends on you.

Thus, you yourself become the very solution to attaining the “impossible” success that has been escaping you up to this point in your life.

Your own attitude and belief system is what powers your success – or lack thereof. The trick to the whole process, however, is that most people think they are on the right track mentally, when in all actuality they are headed in the wrong direction because of their focus.

People who have consistently wanted – yet failed to attain – their health and weight loss goals continue to get the same results because they are focusing on something negative – bad health or excess weight.

What you focus on grows, so if you think about the fact that you are overweight or have poor health, then you will continue to be overweight and have poor health. To make matters worse, since a lot of that process is done “behind the scenes” in your subconscious mind, you probably don’t even realize that you continue to reinforce the very self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from success.

That same concept applies to financial gains, relationship success, career growth, and any other area of your life that you feel needs improvement. By continuing to focus on what you don’t want, all you are doing is continuing to attract the things that you don’t want into your life.

The solution to this issue is very simple, however. All you need to do is focus on the opposite of what you don’t want. Whenever you think about the things that you want, just think about having them, instead of NOT having them.

Don’t think about losing weight, but rather think about how great you already look since you are at your goal weight. Always think in the NOW, as if it has already happened.

Don’t think about how broke you are, but rather think about all of the things that you are spending money on. Go window shopping in your mind, and out in the real world, but again, in the NOW.

Don’t think about how lonely or upset you are because of your relationship status. Think about how happy and content you are with your family and your dream mate. And it is all happening NOW.

It’s crucial to remember to focus on the things that you want as if you already have them. If you think about your success as being in the future, then it will always stay in the future!

Simplify the impossible. Start thinking and acting like you have already succeeded, and before long, it won’t be an act anymore.

Author: Aaron Potts

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