By Josh Bickford

Every morning when a honey bee wakes up it knows three things. Fly to the flower, fly to the nectar, fly back to the hive. Live on PurposeWhen this job has been finished the bee repeats the process. Over and over and over again. A bees work seems to be never finished.

This is life life of the honey bee. Sure, it may take a moment to sting someone that swats at it, but the entire rest of that bees life is spent going from the flower, to the nectar, to the hive–then back to the flower again.

Bees spend their time doing what they were made to do. They live their purpose fully. There is one big difference between a bee and you though. The bee does not know why it does what it does, nor does it understand what result this tedious work will bring. Sure, the bee may understand they are making honey to feed the hive, but is that really all that’s going on?

The true purpose of that bee is not for stinging, the enjoyment of honey, or even watching them fly around. The purpose that bees have is making the world more beautiful, and expanding the beauty of the botanical world.

Bees exist for cross pollination–not to make honey. People may think the purpose of a bee is to make honey, but that’s the by product. Honey is good, and is something to be enjoyed, but the countless flowers, plants, fruits and other botanicals are much more important to life on earth wouldn’t you say?

So what does a honey bee have to do with living on purpose?

The bee has been created with a unique, and vitally important to life on earth, purpose to fulfill. If the lowly bee has such a great purpose, what does that mean for you, the highest form of creation on the planet?

Could it be that the bee is just a tiny example to get a glimpse of how important it is for you to find, and live your purpose?

Could it be that the purpose you were created for is more important to the world than you’ll ever know?

Does the bee question it’s purpose? Absolutely not! Humans are the only species that does that. People will think of every reason NOT to find and fulfill their purpose and claim that they are being “realistic” and “humble” or other such words.

If the honey bee were to operate under this kind of thinking life on earth would be greatly diminished.

Friend, do not suppress your desire to live your purpose out loud. Do not give into the thought process that says it’s better to belittle yourself than it is to make the most of what you’ve been given. If the honey bee has been placed on earth with such an important task, how much more important is the one that you’ve been given? Make the choice today to live on purpose. Spend your days seeking, then finding, and planning the magnificent purpose you were created to live. Don’t allow life on earth to be diminished for everyone because of your choice to not live out your purpose.

Live on purpose. Live out loud. Give your magnificent purpose a magnificent life!

By Josh Bickford

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