Words That Cut

April 15, 2023

By Gary Barnes

At times, when we get angry and lose our temper we lash out at those we love the most. If we love them, why do we take our anger out on them? Words that cut, do they ever heal? The pain may soon go away, but the scar never disappears. Why can’t we bite our tongue or just walk away? When we fight with our loved ones, nobody wins.

Even if you come out the victor in the fight ask yourself this, Are You Going To Sleep Tonight? Remember, Love should be unconditional; let your loved ones walk down their own path. If you don’t agree with their choices, Know It’s Their Path. We may think we are all wise and know what’s best for others, but you only know what’s best for yourself.

Then, in the moment of someone’s success, we set our sights on the shortcomings instead of looking for the person’s best. I knew a boy searching for his parents’ approval. He tried to excel in everything he did; yet his parents expected more and were never satisfied in his accomplishments. He never heard Good Job My Son or We Are Proud Of You. No, he heard phrases like, Is That The Best You Can Do? Never getting the reinforcement needed to nurture his growth, he said, “I’m only a failure, why should I care?” Why can’t we celebrate when another enjoys success, be happy for them and praise them out loud? Remember that our successes have not been met, YET! Our own success will come if we strive for our goals; then we hear the accolades that we long to be told.

Many people try to follow their dreams, yet words that cut rip them right at the seam. We find the reason why It Can’t Be Done, but do we encourage It Can? We shoot dreams down because of fear; failure seems inevitable and that’s all they hear. Give them encouragement, help them shoot for the stars. Tell them that if they fall to go at it again. If people didn’t live their dreams where would we be today? Yes, society’s message is that it can’t be done, but if your soul cries out to follow your path, move forward up that mountain and never look back. You may hear the voices of cynics as you follow your path, but know in your heart that you’ll have the last laugh.

Words that cut only bring us down. They don’t build new bridges; they only burn old ones to the ground. Next time you want to criticize please keep it to yourself. Change your perspective from the negative to the positive, and look for the good instead of the bad. We all make mistakes and each one of us has flaws, so remember to give love; it’s what the world needs today. Hate leads to more hate and the cycles just grow, we must be kind to our fellow man. Instead of tearing people down, why not help them succeed and lift them up? Words that cut destroy our spirit, so let go of the chains that keep others down.

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