By Janet D. Swerdlow

Do you want more money right now? Do you have the mind-pattern to attract it? This is the key that only the wealthy know! They always have plenty because their mind-patterns only know wealth. There is not a doubt in their minds of who they are, what they have, and what they will have.
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Do you live with a mind-pattern of scarcity and lack? What did your parents tell you when you were a child? Things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, we cannot afford it, it is too expensive”? These kinds of words imprint you with scarcity and lack.

Do you have abandonment issues? While this may seem entirely unrelated, be aware that “money” can abandon you as easily as people. Working through any abandonment issues with people strengthens the mind-pattern that holds onto money and all that money buys.

People can abandon you emotionally as well as physically. If you felt emotionally abandoned by either parent, there is a good chance that your financial wealth abandons you also, leaving you feeling stranded in life.

Do you deserve to have everything you need? How is your self-worth? What does your internal self-talk say? Do you judge and criticize yourself? Do you denigrate and downplay your abilities? To pull money to you, and retain it, you must know in the deepest levels of your being that you deserve to have it! Otherwise, you create more issues for yourself.

Sometimes you create money, but cannot seem to hold onto it. This is the low self-worth mind-pattern that does not allow you to keep it. There is a part of you thinking, “Who am I to have all this wealth? I don’t deserve it.”

Whenever thoughts of scarcity and lack enter into your mind, release them up to whatever you consider to be your higher power. Replace with these words:

I now have more money than I need.

When you feel as though your finances leave you stranded, release those thoughts and replace with:

I now have a flow of more money coming in than going out.

When negative self-talk enters your head, release those thoughts, replacing with:

I now deserve and accept more money than I ever thought possible.

As you address old mind-patterns and re-imprint new ones, you, too, can attract money and wealth into your life. Use these simple tips to find out for yourself!

Author’s Bio

Janet D. Swerdlow is a globally renowned author and lecturer who teaches people to become their own teacher by accessing the unused 90% of the brain via color, tone, and archetype(symbol), called the Language of Hyperspace. She says, “You are the most fascinating person you know!” Visit her website: . Email her at

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