by Alex Shalman

For nearly every situation, there is a way to make it seem positive. If you missed the bus, you met an interesting person waiting for the next one. If you lost a loved one, you began to finally value your own life. If you had a “failed” relationship, you learned a valuable lesson.

Going through life with a new paradigm has been serving me well these past few weeks. I’ve been able to take situations, separate myself from them, and turn them around until I see the positive aspect of the experience. Some may see this as a delusion, but I see it as exercising a choice.

While every person may not have a choice as to what happens, everyone is given a choice as to how they will react. Reaction is the most powerful choice that a person can exercise. Mastering this choice will give you the power to turn hate into love, fear into courage, despair into hope, and death into life.

All you have to understand is that this is your reality. All you have to do is ask yourself: How do I want this to affect me?

Guest posted by Alex from Alex Shalman dot Com where he writes about personal development and abundance. You can find the original article at How To Make Everything The Bright Side.

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