Using your Subconscious Mind to Help Find the Answers to Your Questions on Career and Business.

October 23, 2023

by Travis Wright
Refinance Mortgage Inc.

Any entrepreneur’s goal is to no longer work for someone else, and to move forward with our own business ideas. When you work for someone else, you are exchanging time for dollars. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to 100% completely work for ourselves, which is a sad deal. Our children grow so fast, and yet most of us are gone from the home from 7am until around 6pm, five days a week… giving time to your employer in exchange for a paycheck. This is a cycle that we need to break free from. How do we get out of this cycle? We ask ourselves better questions.

I first got online in 1996 at the University of Kansas Computer Center. Within one week I had built a website to promote my then stand-up comedy aspirations. I needed some promotion, so how can I make this happen? Wow, a website! So, I dabbled in all the development programs.

What else can I learn? How else can I promote myself?

A friend and I decided to create an artist development portal called, it was a solid idea, but we never quite made it over the hump. The exoskeleton of the site remains at, my business partner in that venture was a long time friend. Sometimes business with a friend is not the best idea. In this case, it didnt work out optimally. However, through it all, I met an amazing programmer online who began helping us with some back-end code on MethodLab.

The business faltered, so what is next? What should we work on now? What makes the most sense? What business idea is the right on?

Well, we co-founded a Web Development firm, MediaThinkLab LLC., with the online friend of mine from North Little Rock, Arkansas. This guy is a programming guru that I met online playing an online game, called Pimpwar. Yes, it is what it sounds like. This was several years ago. Heh. Time flies. My friend, PiMpALize was his screen name and I became fast friends because this guys wits’ were keen, hilarious, and one of the smartest programmers and smartest asses, that I had ever encountered. We meshed well, plus I always gravitate to people who know more than me in areas that I know nothing about. Sort of the Henry Ford approach to life. He ridicules me nonstop however, about the blogs that I put out and the positive messages that I try to share. Heh. But, I just notch that up as, well, he is from Arkansas. He is an advanced master programmer, and a great guy to know, regardless of his ridiculousness.

We have done a lot of work together… funny thing though, we have still never met face to face. Worked on many, many sites and scripts and other madness, yet never sat face to face. We send each checks for our portion of the webproject and keep it simple. Extra money from the extra projects that we took on. This has yet to become a full-time income.

So, I began to work at Kinko’s a few years back, as a Night Time Supervisor/Digital Specialist at one of the busiest Kinko’s in all the land, in the heart of Overland Park, near the World Headquarters for Sprint/Nextel and a major corporate client neighborhood. Needless to say, I was a busy man. However, I learned many tricks of the trade in the print world.

What would make the most sense after this position? What should I do? What type of gig should I get that my talents will be most utilized and appreciated?

I moved from Kinko’s, to a Print Production Manager of a Commericial print house for awhile and from that position moved on to a Print Production Specialist position with Konica Minolta. This opportunity was as a support position to help the sales staff close high end print production equipment. Good experience and great people to work for and with. I would go into companies, and help them streamline their printing processes and help persaude them into a new ‘Print Engine’, sic Copy machine. After hawking Copiers for awhile, it was time to move on, no matter how glorious the title!

So what would be a good position for me to move into? One that would best utilize my talents? What makes the most sense to help move me along my career objectives?

I get an email from the Training Manager of a local computer training institute asking if I would be interested in a Technical Trainer position training people on Web Development, Print Production and Graphic Design. Well, since one of my career objectives is to be a public speaker, this seemed like a logical maneuver. Asking the right questions to your subconscious paid off. I got a great position… it just CAME to me. And today was my first day of training! I taught Adobe Acrobat Professional 7, Level one. It was a great experience. The next time I teach, is Wednesday, then I have 2 weeks off, with no classes to teach, yet I still get my salary. It’s quite a gig. In fact, two people messaged me about helping them build a website and asked how much I would charge for that service. So things do work out.

My latest example of asking your subconscious to find an answer for me, was this… since I set up as a personal development blog, I have been experimenting with different ads and affiliate programs to bring in some extra money. Moving into a house recently, it makes sense to get something going and offer valuable services on my sites, that have good messages, and great deals for the person who clicks on the ad.

So, I asked myself, what types of things should I put on my site? What is gonna yield the highest dividends? How can I help other people make money also? Where are the best place to put my ads? Thus, you see the experiments that we have done so far.

Check this out, since October 1st, I have earned over $150 on Google Adwords on my site. Also, I have an affiliate membership through CommissionJunction. This site is amazing. I have earned over $360 so far this month on people clicking the Credit Repair Links, the Home Mortgage Refinancing Links, and a couple other programs. For instance, every time that someone clicks the
link and does refinancing for a home loan, this pays out $45 per lead. The lead doesnt even have to fill out their Social Security Number. The LendingTree Mortgage Refinance Loan
ad, pays $55 per lead. Apparently
is a part of LendingTree
, so you are in good hands!

So, I started thinking, on October 2nd. Wow. $45-$55 a lead. Mortgage Refinancing. Whoa. Ok, I went to Search Inventory and Click Bid tool, which tells me how many searches were placed on Yahoo the previous month of August for the term Refiance Mortgage… 970,000ish on yahoo, according to this. Well, Yahoo gets about 25% of the global searches… with Google getting about 45%, so I estimate at least 2 million searches for Home Mortgage Refinancing.

How can I capitalize on this market? What would be the best approach to getting people to utilize my affiliate links?

Then I honed in on creating a new domain name for a new website specializing in Mortgage Refinancing. This makes the most sense, because if I have information pertainent to my visitors, perhaps they click the links, and take the 2 minutes to fill out the form, getting valuable information about refinancing their home loan. I actually USED to get my home mortgage refinancing, so I’m confident in their service, so I promote. But how?

What is the best domain name? What is best brand identity for the business? What will be the absolute best idea? One that will make other people who have looked into this business, and shake their heads wishing they had thought of it… what is the Best possible idea solution to this?

So, I ponder many domain names over the last 3 weeks. I wanted something catchy. So many were taken, it was ridiculous. I started to narrow them down based on what was available,


And etc. etc. etc. then on Saturday, i looked up… it was Available… so was… whoa! so was! I bought all three. Then I thought, hrmm… I know that i have searched before… so I checked… available. Hrmm.… available.… available! Obviously, something was messed with the .info domain extension. So, I got hosed and didnt get any of those domains.

I started thinking… Hrmm. What would be a better domain than even There has to be some idea that someone hasn’t thought of pertaining to mortgages, right? What is it? Ding!

Ladies and Gentlemen… drumroll, please! & booyah! Wow. A better than planned idea came my way. Instead of having just a website, Ill get a legitimate business, and call it Refinance Mortgage Inc. and have people all over America calling me, and Ill refer them to my affiliates, at $45 a pop.

Ask a better question… ask the RIGHT kind of question… and your brain will respond with ideas even better than you thought possible.

Since Saturday night, a temporary website has been put up, I created a logo and the idea is brewing and with forward momentum.

Great ideas are spawned by asking the right type of questions. Remember that. Success in life is also equal to your quality of questions. So let your subconscious stew on that for awhile.

Much love-

Travis Wright

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2 Responses to “Using your Subconscious Mind to Help Find the Answers to Your Questions on Career and Business.”

  1. Janni on March 24th, 2008 9:01 pm

    Very good post it really helped me with some basics of my online business

  2. Jason on April 13th, 2008 4:31 am

    Loved reading your site and your experiences with finding answers. I have to ask when it comes to asking your subconscious for specific answers to specific questions?

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