The Positively Negative Mindset

5 01 2007

By Contributer, Saymorre

For some, Positive Thinking comes with ease. For most, Negative Thinking is the norm. For those switching from a purely Negative Mindset to a Positive one, it can often be a bit tricky.

Turning Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts sounds simple enough. Yet it isn’t. Like anything else in life that one wants to achieve, it takes practice and patience. Some people are able to do it easier, for others it may take a bit longer. The process may be different for every individual, however, the outcome is the same. What you think is what you get.

That is such a profound statement, and it is being passed along like a chain letter. They either do something with the information and pass it along or they throw it away as junk.

If you’re reading this, you are more than likely on the positive side of the track or at least trying to make your way over.

I personally have one foot grounded on the positive side, while the other one slips over once and awhile.

This slip is what I call Positively Negative. Your thoughts are seemingly Positive, yet for some reason or another, you allow a negative word to slip in and cause chaos.

One such slip happened to me recently. I was debating in my mind whether to sell some shares I had in a company, to pay some bills. I thought “I can’t sell this stock. I may not have a source of income to pay my bills next month.” At a glance, it sounds like I was being rational, since I really don’t have an “income” so to speak. But those thoughts were destructive to my Positive daily thoughts, “the income I need is coming and my bills are paid every month.”

I may have been blocking any form of income that was on it’s way to me because I was being Positively Negative. I thought positive thoughts, then I turned around and let negative thoughts flow in as well. And as we all know, negative thoughts can lay a heavy hand on our positive ones if we allow it.

So I as you, are you Positive? Negative? Positively Negative? Do you think positive things one moment and then follow up with a negative one?

Just for today and hopefully everyday, be aware of every thought you have. Imagine the negative ones as flies and swat them with a swatter. Imagine the positive ones as butterflies and allow them to float around in your mind.

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    4 responses to “The Positively Negative Mindset”

    5 01 2007
    Innocent (07:56:55) :

    Your podcasts have helped so much with the work that am doing at the moment, i was just wondering if u are going to put out more podcasts. Keep up the positive good work. Eno

    5 01 2007
    Spiritualblessing (14:24:08) :

    I’m normally on the positive side of things. I somehow make myself sick if I start thinking negative. Although the slip does occur sometimes..Have you tried Anthony Robbin’s challenge, I can’t remember what it’s called maybe Power of Positive thinking?

    Anyhow, he talks about thinking positive and only positive for 7 straight days. Quite good if you can stick to it.


    6 01 2007
    Ashish Mohta (07:28:18) :

    Actually it depends what can help you out.Sometimes you have to be negetive on some prospects.

    Most of the time i am positive but yeah a gemini i can be negetive too

    6 01 2007
    Saymorre (12:07:14) :

    Spiritualblessing - I will definately look into that.Thanks for the information.

    Ashish Mohta - I agree that negative thoughts can be useful in certain predicaments, as long as they aren’t counter-productive to something positive.

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