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Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Concentration Powers

--> 11 05 2007

By Leon Edward

Perhaps you have heard the old saying “If there is a will, there is a way”. Many say that the same holds true with concentration. If you can learn to harness your power of concentration, then you will have the willpower to do just about anything.
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Perhaps you have even heard the ever popular News caster known as Diane Sawyer, when she was asked about what the secret to her success was. She replied that her big secret was paying attention. So the big question is still, “How does one basically maintain focus and concentration?”

Below is a list of great tips to help you no matter what you are up against. Whether it is a business meeting, a certain project, school and even everyday work obstacles.

1. Go with one step at a time
There will be many times that your mind is racing and you can’t stay focused as you are being pulled in many different directions.

Instead of trying to keep focused on so many different things, take time to prioritize your list and do only the things that needs to be done at that time. This will allow you to stay better focused and get more accomplished.

2. Take the initiative and do just five more things
As we all know, there are just two types of people in the world, the first is those who are the doers, they do as they see fit. Then there are the watchers, who watch the doers, wishing they could have the confidence to do it all like the doers.

Keeping yourself focused and making yourself do just five more things for the day, will help you to gain better control and get ahead in your endeavors.

For example, When you feel like giving up on the treadmill, make your self do just 5 more minutes, or if you are trying to get your homework done and are overwhelmed, just do 5 more problems.
3. Keep a note pad handy
Keeping a note book close at hand will help you when those great ideas pop into your head at the most impossible times. Without the notebook, you may get distracted and loose your train of thought.

Keeping your thoughts jotted down on paper is a great way to stay focused.

4. Tunnel Vision for Better Focus
It might even help to give your self tunnel vision by cupping your hands around your eyes to help you to get focused at the task in front of you

For example, you are working on a project at your desk but your co-workers are being loud and it is hard to stay focused. Put your hands around your face, cupping your eyes. This will help your brain get focused and help you get your task complete with less distraction.

5. Take a break
Sometimes you need to stop and take a break. If you try to run yourself without one you could loose focus and what ever you are working on will show the harsh results.

By taking breaks every now and then, you can take care of many tasks and prioritize your day better. So get up and walk away from your desk every so often to clear your head and improve your concentration.

6. Keep track of your time for tasks

People do not realize that by keeping g track of their start and end times when working on something, can greatly improve their concentration. You can see where your concentration has wandered and where you need improvement.

7. Stagger your tasks
In order to not get bored with the jobs at hand, try to vary them to keep your minds eye sharp.

If your mind gets bored you will find it most difficult to stay focused on anything.

By practicing these tip sand trick on a daily basis, you will improve your concentration and notice that you are more focused than ever.

Author’s Bio

Leon Edward helps people improve IQ, focus, memory, concentration, creativity, speed reading, public speaking, time management and reducing stress.
Download his IQ Mind Brain Memory Self-Help library at his website http://www.IQMindBrainLibrary.com

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2 responses to “Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Concentration Powers”

11 05 2007
Nick Smith (10:19:01) :

This is a really interesting post Leon.

One aspect of concentration that’s often overlooked is that our attention always follows interest and so attempts to force concentration rarely work long term. The key is to put the horse before the cart and take the quiet time to get really clear about what it is we really want.

This looks a great blog…. I’ve only just discovered it. Thank you.

12 05 2007
Eduardo (09:10:41) :

I believe one of the reasons, we have trouble concentrating in our modern society is that we have never been taught how to ‘be in the moment’. This is a learned skill like meditating. Here is a short article on this…


Truthteller site

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