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CG.com Podcast #012: Author Interview: Paco Ahlgren - Discipline

21 08 2007

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As the publisher of CultivateGreatness.com, we get books sent to us from literary publicists. There have been some great ones filter my way recently, so I decided to start interviewing them and sharing the wisdom with the listeners. podcast

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do the first interview with an extremely intelligent, first time author Paco Ahlgren. His book Discipline is highly recommended for those who enjoy quick-paced page turning thrill-rides.

leadership training

Here is the Podcast interview with Paco Ahlgren, August 20th, 2007

Building on the vision of Kurt Vonnegut, the suspense of Michael Crichton, the rich characters of Stephen King, and the passion of George Orwell, Paco Ahlgren’s first novel Discipline paints a chilling picture of a world that defies human perception.

Science, politics, economics and spirituality fuse explosively in this visionary thriller. In some far future-or is it past?-Philip K. Dick nods with satisfaction.

-Jeffrey Satinover, physicist and psychiatrist, author of “The Quantum Brain”

I sat and read this book in two settings. This book is hard to put down. There are many clichés used in book reviews such as ‘page turner’, ‘gripping’, and many more … but they ALL certainly apply to DISCIPLINE by Paco Ahlgren.

Ahlgren deftly melds the intimacy of one man’s personal journey of self-knowledge with cosmic, mind-expanding concepts of quantum physics, time travel, and multiple universes. The stunning and skillfully constructed story combines elements of metaphysics, romance, fantasy and even sci-fi, with an intricate plot and fully realized characters. The end result is a page-turner that haunts you long after you’ve closed the book. “Discipline” is a masterful first novel that rivals the works of many more “mature” authors with dozens of books to their credit.

And what a story it is, for it surely stretches the mind even as it entertains. I look forward with delicious anticipation to everything Ahlgren writes in the future.”

Dr. Marie D. Jones, author of “PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena.”

Paco, I thank you for the opportunity to talk with you and interview you. I hope that many of my readers pick up your wonderful book!

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