Self Evaluation or You Want to be “Just Fine”

12 11 2006

Ever wondered how to keep track of your weekly improvement and maintain the attitude of keeping your way on the right direction?

Be serious about self evaluation

Like every Sunday afternoon, just after a short nap, I browse on my diary and consequently make a schedule of activities for the coming week. At this time, I can’t help but wonder how many other people around the world are doing the same thing. Shelves of diaries of different designs, planners of all sizes and other tools intended for scheduling purposes, are available for everyone. Surely, the importance of proper planning cannot be underestimated.

But after all the properly managed scheduling, the greater challenge is yet to be encountered. Ever wondered how to keep track of your weekly improvement and maintain the attitude of keeping your way on the right direction? Here are some useful guidelines that you may want to answer for yourself to keep your toes on the ground, your steps synchronized with what you have in mind, and your activities triumphant

Self Evaluation Check List

Following is a check list to help you evaluate your performance in a weekly basis. You may ask: “Why do I need to evaluate myself in such a very short interval of time?”

The answer is, you need to be more aware of your development as an individual on a very personal level. Through this type of assessment, or self performance appraisal, you can continue to check your limits, build your strength while remaining in touch with reality. At first it may seem a bit hard, but believe me, your persistence will eventually pay you off. The time will come when you will be more satisfied and fulfilled instead of just doing fine.

* Did I attain my goals?
* What motivated me in achieving these goals?
* What were the problems and obstacles I encountered along the way?
* How did I overcome these problems?
* How much time and effort did I spend reaching these aspiration and was the time well spent?
* While attaining the goals, did other better opportunities came my way, which may have been more fruitful?
* Did achieving my aspiration allow me to gain more confidence at the same time?
* What aspirations did I fail to achieve?
* Why was I not able to attain the said goals?
* Generally speaking, did I focus my time and effort I devoted on the most important matters as originally planned?
* What were the goals I was not able to pursue from previous weeks that need to be carried forward to be pursued this coming week?
* For the past week, was I able to take some time off from my daily routine to be alone and listen to my inner voice?
* Did I replenish my resources, did I reflect myself, did I renew my spirit and refocus my attention for the task to be done for the following week?
* What have I really learned last week?

How realistic were my goals?

There is so much to learn as we live each day. Seneca emphasized it too when he said: “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”

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