Giving To Get, Means Becoming What You Want!

9 05 2007

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So…give to get! What is so complicated? The answer to your problem is simple-Just BECOME the “thing” you want!

**How do I become what I want? That answer is quite straightforward…just become a “giver” rather then a “taker”.
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**Change the sequence of things. Hey, don’t get me wrong. Getting and taking stuff is great. It’s fun! Nothing wrong with it. You just have to change the “sequence” of things. Remember that old saying…”You got to give to get.” Well, it is trueeveral Wise Men thousands of years ago said the same thing…You got to give to get. Or, more specifically, if you want to rule the world, you have to be a servant of the world…give to get.

**You want attention? On the surface of things, the question arises, how can something so profound, be so simple? “Give to get.” Hey, you want people to give you attention? You want to be popular? The answer is simple, just give people “attention”. Make them feel good about themselves! And, believe me, they will give you all of the attention you want. Remember, give to get.

**Big Money? You want big money in your life. Simple. BECOME a very valuable person. That’s right. After all, what is money? It is a commodity of Value. It’s valuable. So, become a “valuable” person.

What the heck is a valuable person? It is someone who people appreciate being around. Yeah, people want to cultivate your company, because your smart, knowledgeable, maybe you have a knockout personality. Maybe, you are just darn fun to be around.

“Woe is me”, you say. “I am none of these things.” So, don’t worry about it. Rome was not built in a day. You have time. Work on it! Start developing yourself. BECOME a person of Value. Believe me, prosperity will come to you. Success will find you, even if it has to knock the door down to get to you.

**How about love? You want love? Just try giving out love and caring to other people. Before you know it, people will be knocking down your door, just dying to give you some love.

**Money? What about money or extra income? Here you go again! Just try giving out genuine value in the form of service or product to people. I mean, like going that extra mile in service. You know what I am talking about.

I am sure you have seen these standouts in our society and businesses. These winners will knock themselves out trying to please, impress, and make you happy. What happens? You love them. For sure, you don’t forget them! They are not stupid. They are giving to get.

**How to make this happen? So how do you go about programming yourself for this “give to get” business? Well, first you give instructions to Mr. Ego. After all, this is the One who calls the shots in your life, right? I mean, like this is the guy that builds that fire under you. This ego force is what drives you to go after what you want!

Just impress on Mr. Ego that you need to start putting out! Give to get. Become the thing you want. You are going to become a person of action. A giver. A doer. And, the reason why is…so that you can get the good stuff in life that you really want. KISS-Keep it simple stupid. Let’s not complicate things, right? In the vernacular of the street, “Just do it man”.

**Want Respect?

Remember, give to get. Become the thing you want. Try giving out more respect. Let’s talk specifics here. What about what’s going on in your relationship or marriage? Be honest now, does your relationship need a healthy dose of respect?

You can not believe how powerful a simple thing like introducing a healthy chunk of respect into a relationship can be. I am a perfect example of what can happen to someone that embraces respect into his life.

Thirteen years ago, my marriage was moving along, not to good. You could say my wife and I were co-existing. You know, like we put up with each other. Sound familiar?

Anyway, I went into martial arts. Yeah, at age 57. Tae Kwon Doe to be exact. Making a long story short, I was instructed in the importance of giving respect, to everybody. So guess what?

This respect business, began finding its way to my home. I kid you not! I found myself initiating and giving respect and courtesy, yeah courtesy, to my wife. That old saying, familiarity breeds contempt, no longer applied to my home.

Almost immediately, I noticed a change in my wife. She began to appreciate me more. Yeah, we both began to enjoy having each other around the house. I’ll let you in on a little secret…”You got to fake it til you make it”, is so very true.

I mean, when I first began introducing respect in a deliberate manner to my wife, it felt a little strange. But, I kept at it. And now days, both my wife and myself live with mutual courtesy and respect. I love and care for her. And, she feels the same about me. We are mutually supporting and caring for each other.

**You want forgiveness? Hey, do you want to be forgiven for some past misdeeds you did to somebody? Well, then become a forgiving person. Take the initiative. Forgive people when they don’t show you the courtesy you feel you deserve. Overlook these slights. In time you will be astonished how other people begin treating you in a magnanimous manner.

I grant you this, this “give to get” business takes some self-discipline. Wanting to get your share or wanting to get even with that s.o.b. is human nature. But, following that line of thinking, can make yourself your own worse enemy.

Have some fun with this. You want to be really on top of your game and call your own shots? Then give to get what you want.

**Nothing can hold you back Just wait and see what happens! Believe me, it will knock your socks off. You are changed from a
Taker to a Giver. I guarantee you this, if you genuinely become a Giver in this world, any room you walk into, won’t be Big Enough to hold your personality and your force! Give to get.

**Alexander the Great The great generals, even thousands of years ago knew this little secret, “You got to give to get”. This principle is what made Alexander the Great so successful. He conquered the entire known world! How did he do it? Historians indicate he lead an army that was incredibly successful. As far as the size of armies went back then, his army wasn’t that big.

His soldiers did have an unusual will to win! Why? Because they loved their leader, Alexander! They would sacrifice and or do anything to please him.

What was Alexander’s magic? He was a super sized Giver to his men. He knew the principle of give to get. He personally felt and demonstrated this love for his men. Simple things, like getting up at the crack of dawn and working out with his men. He knew practically every soldier by name and what town he came from. He knew of the soldier’s family and his cares and concerns. My goodness man, during one long trek in the desert, when everybody was bone dry and starved, his army got together enough water and offered it him.

What did Alexander do? How did he react to this wonderful gesture of love and concern from his men? He shouted out, if my men cannot enjoy this water, then I won’t. He then proceeded to spill out the water on the ground. His army reacted by screaming and shouting in respect and adulation for their Alexander the Great!

How to change your world order and making sure you get your share of the good things in life is going to be a regular series for Stand for Your Greatness. Don’t forget…give to get.

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2 responses to “Giving To Get, Means Becoming What You Want!”

9 05 2007
Danny (12:50:55) :

This is a good explanation about how we can get what we want as a giver. I also have experience about it. If I want to get a good friend. I will act as a giver first, I mean I have to show my friend that I can be a good friend. but sometimes unfortunately, some bad guys (but not all) using it.

Basically, be careful if we want to act as a giver, sometimes you are being used by bad guys.

10 05 2007
Heather Flanagan (00:26:27) :

Well done. I am ready to go out and be all the things I want. I feel like a $1,000,000!

And a banana split.

Heather Flanagan

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