Extra!課外! Extra!課外! Read all about it!閱讀所有關於它! Here we are with the 15th edition of the semi-frequent Personal Development Carnival at Cultivate Greatness!我們在這裡與第15版的半頻密的個人發展嘉年華培育偉大! A great amount of wisdom to share within this edition of our Blog Carnival… many, many golden nuggets of wisdom to share.大量的智慧,分享在這一版我們的博客嘉年華…很多很多的黃金金塊智慧的分享。

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Here we are near the beginning of June.在這裡,我們已接近6月初。 The year is nearly half over.今年是將近一半以上。 Make sure to stay on task with your goals and move forward toward your dreams.請務必留下的任務與你的目標向前邁進,朝著你的夢想。 You deserve them!你們應該知道! Thanks for making the June 1st, 2007 edition of the Cultivate Greatness, Success and Personal Growth BlogCarnival a success!感謝為使2007年6月1日版的培育偉大,成功與個人成長blogcarnival成功!

Praveen presents praveen禮物 Garbage In, Quality Out垃圾中,質量列 posted at張貼在 Tao of Simplicity陶簡單 .

Manny presents 曼尼禮物 Does “The Secret” Really Work?是否"秘密" ,真正的工作呢? posted at張貼在 Success Books成功書籍 , saying, “The principles of “The Secret” are working for (or against) all of us every day.” ,並說"的原則, "秘密"的工作(或反對) ,我們所有人每天都" 。

Tracy Coenen presents 特雷西coenen禮物 Trademark Properties is back!商標性質又回來了! posted at張貼在 FRAUDfiles fraudfiles .

edithyeung presents edithyeung禮物 What is your Dream?什麼是你的夢想嗎? posted at張貼在 Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. ( Edith yeung.com :夢想。 Think.想。 Act.法。 , saying, “Hope everyone find their dream.”他說, "我希望每個人都找到了自己的夢想" 。


Charles H. Green presents 查爾斯每小時綠色禮物 Attitudinal Service服務態度 posted at張貼在 Trust Matters信託事宜 , saying, “Sometimes you can’t fake it till you make it.”他說, "有時你不能偽造它直到你能成功" 。

Michelle Sweeney presents 米歇爾Sweeney )介紹 Don’t Be Discouraged不要洩氣 posted at張貼在 Tonic Gifts補品禮物 .

Business Development業務發展

Cardin Lilly Routh presents Cardin )來勞斯禮物 Keeping Your Precious Things Precious讓您寶貴的東西珍貴 posted at張貼在 OptmistLab.com optmistlab.com .


Michelle presents 米歇爾介紹 Time vs. Money — Picking Your Assets時間與金錢-採摘你的資產 posted at張貼在 Aridni aridni , saying, “Thank you for hosting this carnival!”他說, "謝謝你們為舉辦這次嘉年華" !

Silicon Valley Blogger presents 矽谷博客介紹 Should You Quit School Because You’re Brilliant?如果你退學,因為您的光輝? posted at張貼在 The Digerati Life該頂級數字生活 .


Jack Yoest presents 傑克yoest禮物 Charles Schultz Philosophy查爾斯舒爾茨哲學 posted at張貼在 Reasoned Audacity理性厚顏無恥 , saying, “:Charles Schultz Philosophy has been making the rounds and deserves repeating. ,並說" :查爾斯舒爾茨哲學已使子彈和值得重複。

The creator of the Peanuts comic strip, Charles Schultz, has an eternal perspective.”造物主的花生連環畫,查爾斯舒爾茨,有一個永恆的角度來看" 。

Jack Marinchek presents 傑克marinchek禮物 Give To Get Means Become What You Want給予獲得手段,成為你想要做 posted at張貼在 Stand For Your Greatness Blog Updates站在你的偉大博客更新 , saying, “Give To Get means to become what you want and you will hit a home run every time.”他說: "給獲得手段,以成為你想要做,你將達到創全壘打,每次" 。

Ellesse presents ellesse禮物 Inspirational Stories I : Wilma Rudolph, An Olympic Wonder啟發性的故事:威爾瑪魯道夫,奧林匹克難怪 posted at張貼在 Goal Setting College目標設置學院 .

Law of Attraction吸引定律

Cardin Lilly Routh presents Cardin )來勞斯禮物 Allow More Source, Get More of What You Want讓更多的來源,獲得更多的你想要的 posted at張貼在 OptmistLab.com optmistlab.com .

Wanda Grindstaff presents 萬達grindstaff禮物 What Questions are you Asking?有什麼問題,你是問? Creating Your Results.創造你的結果。 posted at張貼在 Creating Abundant Lifestyles創造豐富的生活方式 , saying, “The questions we ask ourselves hold a special power in our development.”他說: "問題,我們捫心自問,持有特別權力,在我們的發展" 。


Conan Stevens presents 福爾摩斯史蒂文斯介紹 Will You Die Before You Even Live?將你死之前,你甚至住在哪裡? posted at張貼在 Conan Stevens Online福爾摩斯史蒂文斯在線 .

Damian (EnglishBard) presents 大棉( englishbard ) A spiritual Bacon Barm - 3 stories of me一種精神培根酵母-地上3層的我 posted at張貼在 be the change - tread the path被改變-胎面的道路 , saying, “Please encourage your readers to join in my fun challenge to share a story :-)”他說: "請鼓勵你的讀者加入我的樂趣挑戰分享一個故事:-) "


JoLynn Braley presents jolynn braley禮物 How to Surrender to a Lack of Motivation如何盡快投案自首缺乏動力 posted at張貼在 The Fit Shack適合夏克波 , saying, “Have you been struggling for an extended period with a lack of motivation?他說: "你一直掙扎求一個較長時期內與缺乏動機? This article pertains to surrendering to a lack of motivation to lose weight, however the act of surrender could be applied to any area of life.”這篇文章涉及到投降缺乏動機減肥,但該法的投降,可應用在任何社會生活的各個領域" 。

Steve Bentham presents 史蒂夫邊沁禮物 A quick motivational tool一種快速的激勵工具 posted at張貼在 inspiration, motivation, goal achievement, success, personal development靈感,動機,目標的實現,成功,個人發展 .

Tijani Fettal presents tijani費塔勒介紹 Keep your eyes on the prize !保持你的眼睛就中獎! posted at張貼在 Blaze a trail !走出了一條路子! .

Alexander Becker presents 亞歷山大貝克介紹 Free ebook: Celebrate Your Beauty免費電子書:慶祝您美容 posted at張貼在 WOW , saying, “Peer pressure, vanity and behavior, motivation tricks and hacks, success and pain, and how to excel, *Celebrate Your Beauty* — whatever it takes.他說, "同儕壓力,虛榮心和行為,動機手法和黨棍,成功和痛苦,如何成為優秀的, *慶祝您美容* -不惜一切。 Whether you work on stage, or walk the runways, whether you make things real on the big screen, behind the scenes, near a microphone, or in the proximity of a camera, this free ebook is for you.”不管你的工作,在舞台上,或步行跑道,不管你把事情真正對大屏幕,在幕後,附近的一個麥克風,或在鄰近的照相機,這種免費電子書是給你" 。

Christine Kane presents 克里斯蒂娜凱恩禮物 How to Get Anything Done如何讓任何事情 posted at張貼在 Christine Kane’s Blog克里斯蒂娜凱恩的博客 , saying, “hi, i’m having issues with my urls since we redid my site.他說: "嗨,我有了問題,與我的網址,因為我們redid我的網站。 for some reason, my blog url isn’t valid - but my homepage url is.由於某些原因,我的博客網址是無效的-但是我的網頁,網址是。 the url of the article itself will work.該網址的文章本身的工作。 hopefully.但願。 thanks!”謝謝! "

Susan Borgas presents 蘇珊borgas禮物 Hints for Staying Focused提示下榻的重點 posted at張貼在 Arts & Stuff藝術與東西 , saying, “Staying focused in your work isn’t always easy, especially if there is a daunting amount of work to do over a period of a year and the next and so on.他說: "住集中在你的工作並不容易,尤其是如果有一項艱鉅的大量的工作要做近一個時期以來的一年和未來等。 Time management is so important to stay focused on what needs to be done.時間管理是如此的重要,以專心需要做什麼。 This is how I try to stay focused and for the most part it does work.”這是我如何設法集中精神,並在大多數情況它工作" 。

Personal Development個人發展

Aaron M. Potts presents 阿倫米家公司介紹 Personal Development Test: Are your Dreams Keeping you up at Night?個人發展的考驗:是你的夢想,讓你在夜間? posted at張貼在 Today is that Day今天是那一天 .

Carmine Swan presents 胭脂紅天鵝禮物 The Law of Letting Go法兩手硬 posted at張貼在 The Carmine Swan該胭脂紅天鵝 , saying, “If The Law of Attraction hasn’t brought you success, try The Law of Letting Go.”他說: "如果法律的吸引力並沒有給你們帶來了成功,嘗試法,兩手硬" 。

Shamelle presents shamelle禮物 6 Timeless Ways To Stay Out Of Trouble六永恆的方式,以避開麻煩 posted at張貼在 Enhance Life提升生活 .

GP presents GP的禮物 Programming the Passenger編程客運 posted at張貼在 Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping魚溪房子-。 I nnsidei nnkeeping , saying, “Whatever goal you have, be it opening a business or riding a horse, the internal dialogue and actions will help the journey.他說: "無論你的目標,無論是開放業務或騎一匹馬,內部對話和行動將有助於全程。 See it and be it.”看到它,並成為它" 。

Mr. Besilly presents 先生besilly禮物 Ideas Are Like Rabbits思想是就像兔子 posted at張貼在 Mr. Besilly - One Man’s highway先生besilly -一名男子的公路 , saying, “The most difficult part of having new ideas is knowing which ones to cultivate and which ones should be pushed aside.他說, "最困難的部分,有新的思路,是了解哪些是培養和哪些是應該的排擠。 I have learned through much experience that when you choose to pursue an idea, that idea becomes a project.”據我了解,通過了很多的經驗,當你選擇追求一個想法,這一想法變成一個項目" 。

Albert Foong presents 何俊仁foong禮物 What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love你的自我是如何阻止它模糊了你的內心的平安和無條件的愛 posted at張貼在 Urban Monk都市和尚 , saying, “The ego is the source of all unhappiness.他說: "自我的根源在於,所有的不愉快。 All unhappiness.所有的不愉快。 What is it, how does it creep in, and what you can do?它是什麼,它是怎樣在蠕變,您該怎麼辦呢?

This is by far my longest, favourite, and most heartfelt article ever.”這是迄今為止我國最長的,最喜歡的,並表示最衷心的文章。 "

Coach Char presents 教練燒焦禮物 10 Steps to Finding Peace in Any Situation 10個步驟,以找到和平在任何情況 posted at張貼在 CoachChar.com coachchar.com .

Ruth Mitchell presents 羅思米切爾禮物 Meeting Mila會議米拉 posted at張貼在 Buy Outside the Box購買外箱 , saying, “Enthusiasm for life is contagious.”他說: "對生活的熱情是會傳染的" 。

Craig Harper presents 克雷格哈珀禮物 Doctor Phil’s Got Issues Too…醫生菲爾的問題得到太多… posted at張貼在 Renovate your life with Craig翻新你的生活與克雷格 , saying, “Everyone from Doctor Phil to Oprah and everyone in between has issues, doubts, fears and insecurities.他說, "每個人都從醫生菲爾以奧普拉和每個人都在這兩者之間有問題,懷疑,恐懼和不安全感。 We don’t see them (the issues) because we don’t really see them (the private person).”我們不認為他們(問題) ,因為我們實在不明白他們(私人) " 。

ananga presents ananga禮物 Grab the Wheel!抓斗車輪! Personal Development Mini-Series個人發展的迷你劇集 posted at張貼在 Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog ananga sivyer的生活所設計的博客 .

Moses E. Miles III presents 摩西五英里三禮物 Renewing Your Commitment更新你的承諾 posted at張貼在 Three Sticks三枝 , saying, “Overcome your daily challenges and renew your commitment to your goals”他說: "克服你的日常挑戰和更新你的承諾,你的目標"


art presents 藝術禮物 Attitude, the foundation of Success態度,成功基礎 posted at張貼在 Success Step成功的一步 .

Courtney Tuttle presents 最高法院塔特爾禮物 Committing To Your Causes承擔你的原因 posted at張貼在 Make Money Online Free With Court賺錢網上免費法院 , saying, “This article helps people to learn that in order to achieve more success, they must become more deeply committed to their causes.”他說: "這條有利於人們學習,即為了實現更大的成功,他們必須更加致力於自己的事業" 。

Lexi Sundell presents lexi sundell禮物 My Own Simply Successful Secrets我自己的簡單成功的秘密 posted at張貼在 Energies of Creation精力創作 , saying, “This is my own list of my ten Simply Successful Secrets which I practice on a daily basis to make my life more effective.”他說: "這是我自己的名單,我的十個簡單成功的秘密,而我的做法是每天基礎,使我的生命更有效的" 。

Stewart Hsu presents 史都華,許禮物 Dave Stech: 3 Powerful Success Concepts戴夫施特希: 3強大的成功觀念 posted at張貼在 Stewart Hsu史都華許 .


Jeremy Reeves presents 傑里裡維斯禮物 How To Track Your Financial Independence: Series #3如何追踪你的財務獨立:系列# 3 posted at張貼在 The Road To A Perfect Life道路,以一個完美的人生 .

bdurfee presents bdurfee禮物 Finding Your Inner Oprah尋找你的內心奧普拉 posted at張貼在 Thinking-Rich.com思維rich.com , saying, “You have to be who you want to be before you’ll become truly wealthy.”他說, "你必須是誰對你想成為前您將成為真正的"就是例證。

Jeremy Reeves presents 傑里裡維斯禮物 Financial Independence Series #4 - How To Get Started財務獨立的系列第4期-如何起步 posted at張貼在 The Road To A Perfect Life道路,以一個完美的人生 .

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