Carmine Gallo is the communications coach for the world’s most admired brands.胭脂紅蓋洛是通訊教練,為世界上最令人敬佩的品牌。 He has built a reputation for transforming everyone from CEO’s to pop stars into extraordinary communicators.他建立了良好聲譽轉化大家從CEO的彈出星級到不平凡的溝通。
My wife intuitively picked up his book, 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators, for my birthday, and I am so glad she […]我的妻子,直觀地拿起他的著作, 10簡單的秘密世界上最偉大的業務溝通,為我的生日,我很高興她[ … … ]

By Joe Farcht由Joe farcht
There are probably many things you’d like to do but simply don’t have the time for.有可能很多事情,您想要做的,但根本沒有時間。 You’re just too busy to do them!您只是太忙,做他們! Here are some changes you can make so that you accomplish the things that are truly important to you.這裡有一些變化,您可以讓您完成的事情,真正重要的是給您。
If you experience this feeling, then it’s time to sit down and […]如果您的經驗,這種感覺,那麼現在正是時候坐下來和[ … … ]

Mr. Rogers goes to Washington to help get funding for Childrens Television.羅傑斯先生去華盛頓,以幫助獲得的經費兒童電視。 Does he get his funding of 20$ million?他是否得到他資助的20百萬元? Check it.進行檢查。
Man, he sure was a caring person.男子,他肯定是一個充滿愛心的人。 The world is a better place for having had Mr. Rogers in it.世界是一個更美好的地方過羅傑斯先生在它。

This is 6:50 minutes of someone cultivating greatness.這是6時50分鐘,有人培養的偉大。
With humbled gratitude,與謙卑的感謝,
Travis […]特拉維斯[ … … ]

By Kathryn Weber由凱瑟琳韋伯
Life is good.生活是好的。 Wouldn’t you like to say that?不會你想這樣說呢? Many people are looking for a way to improve their lives.很多人都在尋求一種可以改善他們的生活。 Feng shui is one of the easiest, quickest and fun ways to make a change in your life.風水是其中最簡單,最快捷和有趣的方式作出改變您的生活中。 Better than a 30-day rice and water diet or jogging three miles a day, […]優於30天的大米和水的飲食或慢跑3英里,每天[ … … ]

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