Here are some great thoughts on gratitude.這裡有一些偉大的想法就感激之情。 Many thinkers throughout time have written down their thoughts and theories on why its important to be grateful for what you have and gratitude for where you are in life.許多思想家,在整個的時間寫下他們的思想和理論,為什麼其重要的是要感謝你和感謝您身在何處的生活。 Enjoy these nuggets of wisdom and think about things in your life that you are grateful […]享受這些掘金隊的智慧和思考的東西,在你的生活你是感謝[ … … ]

Give yourself pep talks.給自己PEP的會談。
Take a moment in the morning of each day, to actually tell yourself how much you love yourself.採取的時刻是在早上的每一天,實際上是告訴自己有多少你愛你自己。 Talk to yourself and remind yourself of your successes.談自己,並提醒自己,你的成就。 Focus on the future, and live in the moment.著眼於未來,和住在該時刻。 Learn to get better each and every day.學習得到更好的每一天。
The more that you focus on […]更您專注於[ … … ]

by Laura M. Turner由勞拉米特納
Let’s face it, stress is everywhere.讓我們面對它,強調的是無處不在。 It lurks in every corner and around every bend, just waiting to “get” us.它隱藏在每一個角落,和周圍的每一個彎,只是等待“獲得” 。 And study after study concludes that although some stress can be productive, prolonged stress can lead to chronic illness.和研究後,研究得出結論認為,雖然有些壓力,可以生產,長期的壓力可以導致慢性疾病。
Yet, stress can only “get us” if we let it.然而,強調只能“讓我們”如果我們讓。 If we can agree […]如果我們能夠同意[ … … ]

John C. Maxwell is world renowned for his knowledge of leadership, and his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader (published by Thomas Nelson, 1999), is clearly the place to get started.約翰C麥克斯韋爾是世界知名的為他的知識,領導才能,和他的著作, 21不可缺少的素質,一個領導人(出版的托馬斯納爾遜, 1999年) ,是清楚的地方,即可開始使用。 But first, let’s start with a simple question: Why do some people consistently inspire others to follow their lead?但首先,讓我們先以一個簡單的問題:為什麼有些人始終激勵他人效法他們的帶頭? According to John […]據約翰[ … … ]

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