by Bob Cannon由Bob景隆
From my earliest days in Sunday school, I have remembered the words that a wise man builds his house upon the rock and the foolish man builds upon the sand.從我國最早的天在週日的學校,我記得的話,一個聰明的人建立了他的房子後,岩石和愚蠢的男子是建立在沙堆。 For 50 years, I thought this probably sound advice for someone about to build a house. 50年來,我以為這可能是中肯的意見有人要蓋房子。 It never dawned on me that it […]它從來沒有的曙光就對我說[ … … ]

By Barbara K. Giamanco由芭芭拉k. giamanco
Isn’t it amazing how masterful we can become at denial, procrastination, and avoidance, constantly making excuses for why we aren’t accomplishing the goals WE SAY WE WANT!是不是驚人的如何masterful我們可以成為在拒絕,拖延,迴避,不斷作出的藉口,為什麼我們不能完成的目標,我們說我們希望! A lot of energy gets wasted in this department.了大量的精力浪費在得到這個部門。 Usually there is far more talking and not enough doing.通常有更多的是遠遠談,並沒有足夠的做。 Far from criticizing, I believe many […]到目前為止,從批評,我相信很多[ … … ]

by Brad Isaac由布拉德艾薩克
Years ago when Seinfeld was a new television show, Jerry Seinfeld was still a touring comic.年前,當塞恩菲爾德是一個新的電視節目,傑里塞恩菲爾德仍然是一個旅遊的漫畫。 At the time, I was hanging around clubs doing open mic nights and trying to learn the ropes.在那時,我對掛在靠近俱樂部做公開的MIC夜和努力學習繩索。 One night I was in the club where Seinfeld was working, and before he went on stage, I saw […]一個晚上,我在俱樂部塞恩菲爾德工作,和之前他在舞台上,我看到了[ … … ]

By Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed.由林恩答:羅賓遜,教育碩士
“Follow your heart.” “Listen to your inner voice.” “Trust your guidance.” It all sounds so easy. “跟著你的心” , “聽您的黨內聲音” , “信任你的指導。 ”這一切聽起來那麼容易。 But what do you do when your inner voice sounds like your inner critic, or worse, your inner child run amok!?但該怎麼辦時,您的內心的聲音聽起來像您的黨內評論家,或者更糟的是,您的黨內兒童來說, amok ! ? How can you learn to depend on your intuition to help guide you to […]你如何能學習取決於您的直覺來幫助指導您[ … … ]

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