A Morning Reminder, A Gift From The Secret Scrolls.一個上午的提醒,禮物從隱密的春聯。

The Secret team has created a visualization tool, “The Secret to You”, which you can download for free and play every day.這個秘密小組已創造了一個可視化工具, "秘密給你" ,你可以免費下載並發揮每一天。 “The Secret to You” has been especially created to harness all the power of The Secret to transform your life into happiness, prosperity, health, love and joy. "秘密給你的"的論斷,已是創造了以利用所有的力量秘密改造你的生活變成幸福,繁榮,健康,愛心和歡樂。 To experience maximum power from the […]體驗最大功率從[ … … ]

Tolerance is the Answer, Tolerance.寬容是解決問題,寬容。

by Travis Wright由查維斯賴特
So, we have a global problem here on Earth.所以,我們有一個全球性的問題,就在地球上。 Too many people with too many belief systems.太多的人有太多的信仰體系。 Is this the problem?這是問題嗎? I would venture to say no.我敢說沒有。 The problem is most people aren’t tolerant of other peoples beliefs.問題是,大多數人都不會容忍其他國家人民的信念。 The world’s lack of tolerance for one another continues to […]世界上的缺乏容忍,彼此繼續[ … … ]

Let’s Keep it All in Perspective讓我們隨時都在視野

In a continuation from my earlier post on how fast we are moving on earth.在延續,從我先前後對如何快速,我們正對地球。 It doesn’t consider the fact that our solar system is moving at a fast rate as well.它不考慮事實,即我們的太陽系正朝著正處在高速成長期,也較大。 Consider that we are all protons, electrons, and neutrons moving at incredible rates.認為我們都是質子,電子和中子的移動,令人難以置信的利率。 They are infinitely small.他們是無限小。 Now, compare […]現在,比較[ … … ]

Tune into the Vibration that you Choose.調成振動,你的選擇。

by Travis Wright由查維斯賴特
Ok, this is a trip.好,這是一個行程。 I was listening to a Bob Proctor audio series that I found, and he left a great tidbit of knowledge.我是聽一場鮑勃Proctor的音響系列,我發現,他留下了偉大的tidbit的知識。 Bob said something along the lines of whenever we are ‘feeling’ bad, we are tuned into a negative vibration.鮑勃說了一些大致相同的,當我們是'感覺'壞,我們都調諧到負面的震動。 Whenever we are feeling good or […]每當我們感覺很好或[ … … ]

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