Does it seem like everyone and everything is vying for your attention all at once?它好像人人都爭你注意所有在一次? It can be hard for solo entrepreneurs to know what to do first, let alone try to find the time to get caught up.它可以很難獨奏企業家知道做什麼,第一,更遑論試圖尋找時間去獲取趕上了。 Here are some time management tips that will help you to stay on top of […]以下是一些時間管理的秘訣,這將幫助您留在上方的[ … … ]

Some people will have to deal with managing the failure of failure during their lifetime.有些人會要處理的管理失敗的失敗,在他們的一生。 They are so afraid of failing or not making it that they become very anxious.他們是如此害怕失敗或不使他們變得非常著急。 Here are some steps on how to manage the fear of failure in your life.這裡有一些步驟,對如何管理害怕失敗,在你的生活。

< p class="first">It is best to have at least […] < p級= “第一” >最好是有至少[ … … ]

Recognize your realm of control, which is YOU.承認你的境界的控制,這是你。 The only person that you have control over is yourself.唯一的人,你有控制權的是自己。 It is you who decides how to respond to someone else, whether it be happy, angry or indifferent.這是你誰決定如何回應別人,無論是高興,生氣或無動於衷。 It is you who decides how to interpret a message and what to do about it.這是你誰決定如何解釋一個信息,怎麼辦這個問題。 At the same […]在同[ … … ]

Hey everyone…嘿,大家…
I started working out at gym on the morning of Jan 31st…我開始工作在健身房於當天上午1月31日…
Age 32, and busting ass. 32歲,和破壞驢。 I actually had to make a decision that will affect my lifestyle forever.其實,我已作出決定,會影響我的生活永遠。 Im a person who works out regularly.即時通訊一個人誰工程定期。
so each day, i will keep track until at least day 365.因此,每一天,我會繼續追踪,直到至少365天。 Im about 55lbs overweight right now… […]即時通訊約五五磅超重的權利,現在… [ … … ]

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