Blogs aren’t just mainstream any more; they’re ubiquitous.博客不只是主流的任何以上;他們無處不在。
In Why Should My Business Have a Blog?為什麼要在我的企業有博客嗎? I talk about how a blog can be a valuable adjunct to your existing business.我談到如何一個博客可以是一個有價值的輔助您現有的業務。 But what about the flipside?但對於flipside ? What if you have a blog and want to turn it into a business, using your blog to make a […]如果你有一個博客,並希望把它變成一個企業,使用您的博客作出[ … … ]

With each new sunrise we are given the opportunity to start fresh and paint the canvas that is our life.與每一個新的日出,我們有機會開始的新鮮和油漆畫布這是我們的生活。 Provided we are willing to acknowledge that we can do so.只要我們願意承認我們是可以這樣做。 That’s right, no matter how many things may have gone wrong for you up to this point in your life, if you’re willing to […]說的權利,不管如何,很多事情可能會出錯,為你這點在你的生活,如果您願意[ … … ]

Before you get started reading this, go to right now and do a search on success.在你開始閱讀這本,轉到的權利,現在做了搜索,取得圓滿成功。 You will find over 1 Billion pages returned.你會發現超過1億的網頁回來了。 Now does that tell you something?現在,這是否告訴你的東西?
What comes to my mind is that there are a lot of people looking to find success.什麼來我心目中的是,有很多人都期待找到成功的。 They are searching for answers, hoping to find […]他們正在尋找答案,希望能找到[ … … ]

©Steve Pavlina ©史蒂夫pavlina
When your alarm wakes you up in the morning, is it hard for you to get up right away?當您的報警醒來,你是在早上,是很難為您起床出來嗎? Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button and going right back to sleep?你會發現自己命中小睡按鈕去的權利,回到睡眠?
That used to be part of my daily awakening ritual too.必須使用的一部分,我每天的覺醒儀式。 When my alarm would blare its infernal noise, […]當我報警將blare其地獄般的噪音, [ … … ]

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