Your Addictions Tell You, ‘You’ll Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Want”

7 04 2007

ARTICLE DISCLAIMER From Travis… “Hey all, this article is so amazing, that I actually typed this entry in from Wayne Dyer’s Book, Being in Balance, to give you this excerpt. It is such a nugget of wisdom, that I just had to share it. If you like it, support the author by grabbing any of his eleventy billion awesome books that he has written on the subject of Personal Development.

Balancing your Desire for what you want, with Your Addictive Behavior
personal development
By Wayne Dyer

If I were to rate the nine habits discussed in this book, “Being in Balance” this one might get the prize for being the most unbelievable. ‘Spending out precious life energy chasing after something we don’t want, and never getting enough of whatever it is that we’re relentlessly pursuing!’ Fortunately, this is one imbalance that’s relatively easy to correct, despite all we’ve been told about conquering addictions.

“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.” -Porverbs 24:16

The concept of FIGHTING and CONQUERING addiction is the wrong approach- I believe that we need to begin by removing those words from our vocabulary. Martin Luther King Jr., once remarked that the only way to convert an enemy to a friend is through love, not hatred or fithing.

We Don’t Conquer Anything, and There’s Nothing to Fight

Consider the results we’ve achieved when we’ve tried to fight something in order to conquer it. For example, ever since war was declared on poverty, theres more of it in the world than ever. Our wars on drugs have only served to triple our prison populations and bring illegal substances to more people at younger ages. [As early as junior high school, there’s hardly a child who doesn’t know how to acquire all manner of drugs.]

Our wars on crime have resulted in more criminals, more fear, more surveillance, more distrust, and more abuse by law-enforcement personnel. Our war on terror has turned us into people who behave toward those we label terrorists in ways that emulate the terrorism we;re supposedly desirous of eliminating. When war was officially declared on Iraq, America became more hated, and the number of people signing up to become suicide bombers multiplied dramatically. And our wars on cancer, obesity, and hunger have not eliminated those conditions either.

Here’s the reasoning behind what I’ve just elaborated: The truth of this Universe is that we live in an energy system that operates on the Law of Attraction. That is, we become what we think about all day long. If we think about what we hate, this is an energy that we’re offering to our desires. In this system, then, we’ll attract more of what we think about. Consequently, more of what we hate is what we will attract. We act on our thoughts: Our thought of hate, violence, fighting, and ware generate actions of hate, violence, fighting, and war. And lo and behold, we see the fruits of this thinking showing up even if our intentions are positively aligned with God energy. We get what we think about, whether we want it or not.

Thoughts that translate into fighting and war almost always guarantee that the response is a counterforce-that is, others will respond in kind to our desire to fight and conquer. This kind of force/counterforce can continue for centuries, with unborn generations programmed to carry on the fight. This same understanding of how fighting weakens us and generates more imbalance in our lives is applicable to our experience with addictions. We can become addiction free relatively quickly if we make a decision to eliminate fighting and conquering from our efforts.

The thoughts and energy that replace fighting need to be in the form of non warlike thoughts. As Emerson said so succinctly: “The remedy of all blunders, the cure of blindness, the cure of crime, is love….” And addictions constitute one huge blunder, I can assure you, having spent a great deal of my own life immersed in such folly.

-This is an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, ‘Being in Balance- 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires’. This book is a gold-mine of wisdom and insight, and I highly recommend picking it up. Put it on your Amazon wishlist!

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2 responses to “Your Addictions Tell You, ‘You’ll Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Want””

7 04 2007
Robert T Muir (08:41:35) :

What a bunch of hooey. Sparta didn’t win the Peloponnesian War by loving on Athens. The US would have remained a vassal state if we just loved on Britain. The country would have disintegrated (IMHO) if the Northern states had merely appeased the South. Europe and Britain would have ended up under the yoke of tyranny if we hadn’t declared war on Japan and Germany.

Conflicts are settled when one side wins completely. The Palistinians are never going to be appeased into peace. Their stated goal is the removal of Isreal from the map. No amount of “love” is going to change that goal. How can Isreal deal with a people who refuse to acknowledge Isreal’s right to even exist?

In hindsight, our entry into Iraq is obviously a mistake. But at the time, ALL of the major intelligence agencies “KNEW” that Saddam had WMDs. That was because that’s what Saddam WANTED them to think!

Yes, suicide bombers have increased. Consider this though. Just think for a bit about what our country is going to be like when one of these rogue nations lights off a nuke in Washington DC? We probably won’t even be able to respond appropriately because a lot of people will be saying that it was too bad, but we asked for it. Or that the bomb was just the work of a few bad apples and it wouldn’t be right to “punish” the other citizens of the offending country.

9 04 2007
Nico (05:46:38) :

Aloha Robert,

If it’s love and peace we want, do you think we will get it by spreading hate and fear?

I have a small experiment for you: next time you get into an argument or fight (verbally) with someone, instead of “fighting” back, offer the other party your apologies (even if you think you are the one who is “right”), and say something nice to them. Notice the difference in outcome, and the feelings you have afterwards.

I’m not saying you should let other people run over you. What I’m saying is that the moment you stop trying to prevent them from running over you, they will not want to run over you to begin with.

“What you resist, persists”

Stop resisting, and whatever it was you were resisting will stop persisting. Really, try it and you’ll know.


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