To Keep on Earning, Keep on Learning

5 05 2007

By Michelle L. Casto

Success in the modern world takes more than just information and knowledge. You must apply what you know to real life situations and you must be open to learning, un-learning, and re-learning. With the rapid advancement of technology, fluctuating economy and societal and corporate changes, you must adopt a learning mindset in order to succeed. Indeed, the key to lifelong earning is lifelong learning.

As you embark on this lifelong learning path, strive to always be a student. Open yourself to new ideas, information, concepts and be adaptable—there are essential for the new world of work. Some benefits of becoming a lifelong learner are: increased self confidence when approaching new tasks or ideas persistence in pursuing goals better decision-making and problem solving skills the ability to be a career strategist improved time management and organizational skills the ability to change with the times greater personal satisfaction higher pay and employment opportunities.

To become a student of life, start by finding out how you learn best. There are three ways people learn: auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), and kinesthetic (doing). If you are not sure which type you are, ask yourself, “How do I like to be given directions?” If you are an auditory learner, you prefer to be told how to get there. If you are a visual learner, you prefer to be shown how to get there. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you prefer to actually drive there yourself.

Another important aspect to learning is whether you are left or right-brained dominant. Left-brain dominant people are good with logic, analysis, math, language, and writing. Right-brain dominant people are good with imagination, colors, graphics, music and rhythm. Of course we have the capacity for both; and when we are able to tap into both sides of the brain, we are using our brain’s full potential.

Many famous people used their whole brain. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist and innovator. He sketched helicopters hundreds of years ago because he was fascinated by mechanics. He also used his knowledge of how the human body stands and moves to create extraordinary, lifelike paintings.

Strive to use your whole brain when studying, working and interacting with others. Also, be selective with what you feed your brain. As the computer saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” The same holds true for what programs your brain is using. Therefore, only input positive, healthy and educational programs. Keep in mind that your thoughts, along with your ability to add, change, and discard them, is what essentially makes up your mind.

An ancient Chinese proverb says it best, “To gain knowledge, add things every day. To gain wisdom, remove things every day.” Just like a computer needs to delete files and information that are no longer useful, you have to discard information that no longer serves you. Knowing what is important to know, as well as what needs to go, will ensure that you have plenty of space left for learning the next new thing.

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6 responses to “To Keep on Earning, Keep on Learning”

5 05 2007
marcia siegel (16:43:37) :

if you stop learning your life will be the same or smaller. never bigger. the best way to keep learning is to observe and keep an open mind.

6 05 2007
Eduardo (08:56:17) :

My personal motto and that of my site (Truthteller) is that “Life was meant to be fun, easy and over-flowing with abundance”
In order to achieve a life like that, learning is essential and must be fully embraced. But most important to me is that learning is fun!

Truthteller site

7 05 2007
ken Triat (01:02:53) :

Not sure that I can agree with your point about being selective about what you learn. I was taught to learn as much about everything that I could and over 34 years of my working life the breadth of my knowledge has helped me move forward along with enabling me to move through 13 different jobs over this period of time.

I will agree that in some cases the knowledge level I have held has bordered on the dangerous as I have believed I new things that I in fact didn’t have the expertease I needed. But having a sound knowledge base has made filling the gaps easy.

I have lived by the law of attraction principals ever since reading Napoleon Hill’s book where he spoke about “There is a difference about wishing for something and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for something until they believe that they can acquire it”

7 05 2007
John (01:26:02) :

I agree with that thought. We need to be competitive in our work inorder to keep on earning. Being competitive requires us to be well informed which means we need to keep on learning.

7 05 2007
Helen (20:25:11) :

As we progress, we need to learn new things. The basics will still do, but learning new things will broaden our knowledge. Thus, making us more competitive in our job.

10 05 2007
Ken Triat (06:31:56) :

Helen is right we need to move forward all the time learning as we go and changing our belief as necessary to accept things outside of our norms. I read once “you are who you are only if others say you are who you are” (you may want to read that again. Life is all image from the outside and just as you cannot see yourself unless looking in a mirror you cannot see how others see you. Therefore it is important to have your own goals and belief system in place to move you forward being who you want to be. The law of attraction can help some There is a good report out on the web on an interview with Bob Proctor that worth a read.

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