By Aaron M. Potts 由Aaron米potts

Depending on the circles that you run in, you may or may not have heard about a very powerful force in your life that is called the Law of Attraction.視乎有關人士表示,在您運行,你可能會或不會聽到一個非常強大的力量在您的生命是所謂的法律的吸引力。 It’s powers are literally limitless and utilizing those powers is absolutely free of charge!它的權力是無限的字面和利用這些權力是完全免費的!

Who doesn’t want Unlimited Cosmic Power without even having to bust open their wallet?誰不希望無限的宇宙的權力,甚至不必半身像開放的錢包?

I will start with a brief introduction to the Law of Attraction, and then I will get right into how you can use this universal power for something that a lot of people care about – losing weight!我將開始與簡要介紹了法律的吸引力,然後我會獲得右轉入如何,您可以使用這種普遍的權力,為一些有很多人關心的-減肥!

In simple terms, the Law of Attraction basically states that “like attracts like”.簡單來說,法律的吸引力,基本上是國家“一樣,吸引了像” 。 Whatever thoughts and feelings that you focus on the most will literally determine your future.無論思想和感情,你把重點放在以最字面上將決定您的未來。

In fact, the Law of Attraction has already been working for you and every other life form in our universe since the beginning of time.事實上,在法律的吸引力已工作為您和所有其他生命形式在我們的宇宙開始以來的時間。 However, only recently has education about its incredible power become readily available to the general public.不過,直到最近,教育,其令人難以置信的權力,成為隨時可向一般公眾公開。

So how is it that the Law of Attraction can help you to lose weight?因此,如何是該法的吸引力可以幫你減肥? Simple – you just need to think about it!簡單-你只需要想想! Sounds easy enough, right?聽起來容易,足夠的,對不對?

Well, it actually is just that easy, but an explanation of exactly how you are supposed to “think” will help you to understand this process better.那麼,它實際上只是容易,但一解釋,究竟你是要“認為”將幫助您了解這個過程中更好。 You can then take that knowledge and use it to help you with your weight loss or fitness goals.然後,您就可以採取這種知識,並用它來幫助您與您的體重減輕或健身的目標。

Earlier I said that the Law of Attraction has been working for all life since the beginning of time, which begs the question, “Then why haven’t I lost any weight yet?”.剛才我說,法律的吸引力一直在努力為所有的生活開始以來的時間,迴避了問題, “那麼,為何沒有我失去了任何的重量,但? ” 。 In fact, that same question could be asked about pretty much any other goal that anyone has ever had.事實上,這同樣的問題,可以詢問相當的任何其他目標,任何人都。 If all we have to do is think about something in order to bring it into our lives, then why aren’t we all rich, perfectly healthy, and living happily ever after?如果所有我們要做的,是想的東西,以便把它變成我們的生活,那麼為什麼不大家都豐富,絕對健康,生活幸福後?

The simple answer is that most people – without even knowing it – don’t really think about what they want.答案很簡單,就是大多數人-無,甚至不知道-真的不覺得什麼,他們想。 They think about the fact that they DON’T have it.他們認為有關事實,即他們沒有它。 Now, if you’ll go back briefly to the definition of the Law of Attraction – like attracts like – then you will see that the reason why people don’t have the things that they want is because all they ever do is think about NOT having those things.現在,如果您回去簡短的定義法律的吸引力-想吸引像-然後你會看到的原因,人不具備的東西,他們想是因為所有他們認為這樣做是不有這些東西。

This same concept applies to weight loss and health just as efficiently as it applies to everything else.這同樣的概念適用的減重和健康一樣,有效,因為它適用於一切。 A lot of people want to lose weight, but rather than think about how wonderful their life will be once they have lost the weight, they instead think about how miserable they are because they HAVEN’T lost the weight!有很多人想減肥,而是比想想如何美好的生活,將他們一旦失去了重量,反而想想如何悲慘,他們是因為他們並沒有失去重量!

Think about it.想一想。 If you need to lose weight, which of the following statements describes your thoughts/feelings when you walk in front of a mirror without any clothes on:如果您需要減肥,下列哪項說明描述您的想法/感受,當您走在前面的一面鏡子,沒有任何衣物上的:

a) I am so sexy since I have my weight under control, and I have an unlimited amount of confidence. 1 )我很性感,因為我有我的體重已受到控制,和我有一個無限數量的信心。 I can date anyone that I please and my biggest problem is deciding which little tiny piece of clothing to wear to the beach or the swimming pool.我可以日期,任何人,我請你和我最大的問題是,決定哪些小小小的一塊衣服穿到海灘或泳池。
b) I am so FAT! b )在我這麼發! I can’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror, so how can I expect anyone else to want to look at me?我不能,甚至立場,看看自己在鏡子裡,所以我如何能期望別人想看看我嗎? I’ll be lucky if I don’t have to take my clothing size up another notch or two at the rate I’m going.我將幸運,如果我沒有採取我的衣服尺寸了另一缺口或兩個率我會。

Now, be honest.現在,說實話。 Which one of those statements do you think comes closer to the way that people who need to lose weight think of themselves?其中之一,這些發言,你認為來更接近的方式,人誰需要減肥認為自己呢?

Once again referring back to the Law of Attraction – If you think miserable, sad, guilty, or low self-esteem powered thoughts, then the Law of Attraction will dutifully bring you more things to be miserable about.再次是指回到法律的吸引力-如果你覺得可悲的,可悲的,有罪的,或低自尊動力的思考,那麼法律的吸引力將盡職盡責地為您帶來更多的東西,要淒慘。 In fact, the more miserable you are about any particular subject – say, weight loss – the more powerfully you will attract more of the same since that is your primary focus.事實上,在更加悲慘您是對任何特定主題-說,體重減輕-更有力地你會吸引更多的相同的,因為這是您的首要重點。

So, the answer to utilizing the power of the Law of Attraction for weight loss is to simply stop thinking about your situation in such a negative manner!因此,答案利用的權力法的吸引力體重減輕是簡單地停止思考您的情況,在這種消極的方式! Start thinking positive thoughts, confident thoughts, and thoughts of happiness, smaller clothing sizes, and showing more skin at the beach.開始思考積極思考,自信的想法,與思考的幸福,規模較小的服裝尺寸,顯示更多的皮膚上海灘。

When you successfully do those things, the Law of Attraction will start to move around the chess pieces that affect your life, and before you know it, you will have whatever it is that you need in order to finally get in shape.當你成功地做這些事情,法律的吸引力將開始四處走動的棋子影響你的生活,和之前你知道它,你將有什麼,那就是你所需要的,以最後得到的形狀。

It may come in the form of a free gym membership, a workout partner, a piece of home exercise equipment that you actually want to use, a new motivation to get involved in some sort of physical activity, or any number of other things that will put you on the path to weight loss.它可能會在形式的免費健身房成員,鍛煉夥伴,一塊回家運動器材,你其實是要使用,一個新的動機涉足在某種形式的體力活動,或任何其他一些事情會讓您的路徑,體重減輕。

Here’s the rub, though – You can’t sit around and get hung up on the details.這裡的摩擦,雖然-你不能坐視周圍並獲得掛斷了有關細節。 Mike Dooley said it best in the movie ‘The Secret’ – “The How’s are the domain of the Universe!”麥克dooley說,最好的電影'秘密' -“如何的是域的宇宙” !

You don’t need to worry about HOW it is going to happen, you just have to feel the positive, confident emotions that will MAKE it happen.您不必擔心它是如何會發生,你剛才已經感受到積極的,自信的情緒,將做到這一點。 The Universe will then step in and show you the path!宇宙會,然後一步,並顯示你的路徑!

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