by Travis Wright 由查維斯賴特 殺死你的電視機

Sometimes it is just easier NOT to think.有時候,它只是更容易不去想。 But to truly grow and move forward in our chosen path of life, we need to think optimally, and need to surround ourselves with others who truly make us think.但要真正成長,努力向前,我們的選擇生活的道路,我們要思考的最佳狀態下,並須環繞自己與別人真正使我們的想法。

Its seems more and more these days, that deep thinking is a thing of the past.它似乎越來越多,這些天,即深的想法是,過去的事。 Most people have such shallow conversations, that it is literally mind-numbing.大部分人都這麼淺的交談,這是字面上的心態麻木。

“Did you watch [TV Flavor of the Season Show] Last night? "你有沒有看過[電視風味的季節查看]昨晚? Oh wow, it was so awesome and such and such did such and such with Whoever!哦哇,是那麼可怕和這樣或那樣做這樣或那樣的與誰! Can you believe it!你能相信它! Wow, what a great show.”哇,是一個偉大的表演" 。

Seriously, who cares?嚴重的是,誰還管? Its fantasy.其幻想。 Stepping into the TV realm is like checking your consciousness at the door and being 100% reliant on the cable providers to give you something nice to look at.步入電視領域是想檢查您的意識在大門和100 %依賴於電纜供應商給你的東西,好看而不適用。 This isnt thinking.這並不是讓思維。 It’s wasteful consciousness transference.它的浪費意識劃轉。

Instead of ‘thinking’ about your television shows, seek out others in your area that watch minimal amounts of television.而不是'思想'關於你的電視節目中,找出其他人在你的領域觀賞少量的電視。 And get together and have life enriching conversations about stuff that matters.並坐在一起,並有生命豐富的交談約東西事宜。 Things that are gonna help you out along your path towards success.事情是好的幫助你沿著你的道路上取得成功。

Like attracts like, so if you are always wasting time, and watching TV… you will get more of the same of what you already have.想吸引喜歡,所以,如果你永遠是浪費時間,看電視…你會得到更多相同的是什麼,你已經有了。 And if you are like me, and wanting to improve the quality of your life, then I recommend getting off the couch and off the damn television.如果你和我一樣,希望提高國民素質,你的生命,那麼我建議下車躺在沙發上,並離開媽電視。 Turn it off, unplug the damn thing.將其關閉,拔掉媽的事。 Or, cover it up with a nice blanket or something.或者,它涵蓋了與尼斯毯或一些事。 I used to do this during my college days… it really helped me to study with the TV covered, or I might have been tempted to turn on its consciousness dumbing downness.從前我做到這一點,在我的大學天… …它真的幫我把學習同電視覆蓋,或者我可能會被引誘來打開它的意識dumbing downness 。 heh.港燈集團。

Yeah, so… Choose to be around smart people… people who you learn something from when you are around.是啊,所以…選擇左右聰明人… …人,你學到一些東西的時候,從你的身邊。 Embrace their knowledge and grow.擁抱自己的知識和壯大。 Find new people who can help you enrich your life.尋找新的人能幫助你,豐富你的生活。 In turn, you will gather new found skills and knowledge that will help you enrich others lives.反過來,你將聚集一新發現的技能和知識,可以幫助您豐富他人的生命。 Its a win-win situation.它是一個雙贏的局面。

Or, you can choose to spend your free time sleeping in, and then watching copious amounts of worthless television, then logging on to read personal development blogs 20 years from now, wishing your life was better than it is right now.或者,你可以選擇花你的自由時間在睡覺,然後看著大量的不值錢的電視,然後登陸到閱讀的個人博客的發展從現在起20年內,祝你的生活比過去好的做法是正確的。

If you want change….如果你想要改變… … 。 DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!對此有所作為!

-Much Love -很多愛
Travis Wright查維斯賴特