By Mary Desaulniers玛丽desaulniers

If I have to pinpoint the most important resolution to make for the New Year — it would be this-finding ways to de-clutter my life.如果我有针对最重要的决议作出为新的一年-将这个调查的方法,以德杂波我的生活。 Stress as we know it does not only come in the form of mental anguish.强调我们所知道的并不仅仅在形式的精神痛苦。 Much of it is experienced through the clutter we have in our daily […]其中很大一部分是通过有经验的杂波我们已在我们的日常[ … … ]

By Honman由honman
We need a destination before we can set off towards our destination.我们需要一个目的地,我们才可以启程对我们的目的地。 We need a purpose in our life to be meaningful.我们需要一个目的,在我们的生活才有意义。 Something that said:” My presence will make the difference!” or “I will made others life better.” For some people, religious beliefs that guide them would fulfill this.东西说: “我的存在会使差异! ”或“我会作出其他的生活更好。 ”对于一些人来说,宗教信仰,引导他们将履行这一点。 For others, it […]对于另一些人,它[ … … ]

By Steve Gillman由史蒂夫gillman

What does Kaizen, a Japanese method of production excellence and industrial efficiency have to do with self improvement?什么是“改善,日本的生产方式和卓越的工业效率都与自我改善? Can it be adapted to self-work?它可以适应自我的工作呢? What is it, anyhow?它是什么,反正?
It began with the “continuous improvement” theories of efficiency expert W. Edwards Deming in the 30s and 40s.它开始与“持续改善”的理论,效率专家瓦特爱德华兹戴明在30年代和40多岁。 After the war the ideas were picked […]战争结束后这些想法被钦点[ … … ]

In karate there is an image that’s used to define the position of perfect readiness: “mind like water.” Imagine throwing a pebble into a still pond.在空手道有一个形象的用来界定的立场,完善的准备: “心水” 。想象投掷一卵石成为一个仍然池塘。 How does the water respond?请问水回应? The answer is, totally appropriate to the force and mass of the input; then it returns to calm.答案是,完全适当的力量和大量的投入;然后返回平静。 It doesn’t overreact or underreact.它没有过度或underreact 。
The power […]权力[ … … ]

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