by Ken Burgess由肯伯吉斯
It’s sad but true that many people are failing in reaching their goals!它的悲哀,但确实有很多人未能在达成他们的目标!
Even though they sit down and ask themselves what they really want in life, write it down, break their goals into small action steps and take action - they won’t achieve most of their goals.即使他们坐下来,问问自己是什么,他们真的想在生活中,将它写下来,打破他们的目标变成小小的动作,步骤,并采取行动-他们不会实现他们的大部分目标。
Do you know why they’ll fail?你知不知道他们为什么会失败? No?没有?
It’s […]它的[ … … ]

by Dr. Andrew Weil由博士,郑家富韦伊
Unless you have a breathing disorder or a yoga instructor is leading you through a breathing exercise, you may give little thought to how you breathe.除非你有一呼吸紊乱,或瑜珈导师是领导你通过呼吸练习中,您可能会很少考虑如何你喘不过气来。 But consciously regulating your breathing can neutralize stress, lower blood pressure, and improve digestion, among other health benefits.但自觉地调节你的呼吸可以抵消压力,降低血压,改善消化,除其他健康益处。 I encourage you to check in with your […]我鼓励你们要检查,在与您的[ … … ]

51 Health Tips 51健康秘诀

The following are 51 different health tips that are in no particular order.以下是51个不同的健康秘诀是在没有特定的顺序。 I have gotten through quite a few including stoping smoking.我已获得通过也有不少,包括回采吸烟。
This list has been derived from: www.tipsforlosingweight.com这份名单已被来自:

Working Out工作
Comfort Eating舒适的饮食
Control those Cravings控制那些烟瘾
Puffy Eyes puffy的眼睛
Family History家族史

I would assume that most people who check out this site, have respect for Tony Robbins.我相信大多数的人,请本网站的内容,尊重托尼罗宾斯。 Well, through Google Video, here is a 10 minute excerpt from Mr. Robbins himself!那么,通过Google视频,这里是10分钟摘自先生罗宾斯自己!

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