by Skellie @ AnyWired由skellie @ anywired
If you are — or would like to be — an entrepreneur, yet you’d be happy to earn enough to live the life you want rather than becoming filthy rich, lifestyle entrepreneurship might be a good fit for you.如果您是-或想-一个企业家,但你很乐意赚取足够的居住生活你想,而不是成为肮脏的丰富,生活方式,创业可能是一个良好的适合你。
Lifestyle entrepreneurs will generally base their ventures around time minimalism, or something they love, […]生活方式的企业家通常会基地,其合资企业周围的时间极少,或一些他们喜欢的, [ … … ]

by Brian Tracy由Brian特雷西
I have taught time management strategies to more than 100,000 people over the last few years and the successes these people have had have often been amazing.我教的时间管理策略以上十万人民在过去几年中取得的成功和这些人曾常常被惊人。 Many of them have doubled their output in as little as one or two days.他们中的许多已增加一倍,其产量在少一或二天。 One businessman in Philadelphia tripled his income and doubled the amount […]一商人在费城的三倍,他的收入增加一倍的金额[ … … ]

By William Arruda由William arruda

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to stop using four–letter words that begin with the letter ‘F’.如果你想在事业上取得成功,你必须停止使用四个字母词开头字母' f ' 。 No, I’m not talking about cleaning your mouth out with soap.不,我不是谈论清洁你的口出用肥皂。 Of course, cursing your boss is probably not going to get you very far.当然,骂你的老板可能是不打算让你很远。 But the F–words I share […]但架F -换句话说我亦有同感[ … … ]

As you begin to become more established in your career it is only natural to begin to place your focus on your work.当您开始变得更加成立于你的事业,这是唯一的天然开始的地方,您专注于自己的工作。 This causes you to accomplish more, find new and insightful ideas or perhaps even some exciting new methods that may increase your efficiency or productivity.这会导致你完成更多,寻找新的和有见地的意见或什至有些令人兴奋的新方法,可能会增加您的效率或生产力。 Allowing your career to monopolize your time […]让您的职业生涯垄断您的时间[ … … ]

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