What Stops us from Success & Fulfilling our Dreams and Desires?什么站,我们不断从胜利&实现我们的梦想和欲望呢?

Some people believe they don’t deserve success.有些人认为他们不值得成功。 Some people believe that they lack the confidence they think they need to achieve success.有些人认为,他们缺乏信心,他们认为他们需要获得成功。 Others are simply afraid to take the first step, afraid they’ll fail and then what?其他人根本不敢作出第一步,怕他们会失败之后又如何呢?
Would you believe that the difference between every single person who has succeeded and those who haven’t […]你相信这之间的差额,每单的人,已成功地与那些没有[ … … ]

Using Relaxation Techniques利用放松技巧

The tried and true foundation for conquering any type of anxiety attack or fear based emotion is through the practice of relaxation.经试验和真实的基础,去征服任何类型的焦虑发作或恐惧基于情感,是通过实行放宽。 Believe it or not it is physically impossible to have any type of anxiety attack if the mind and body are relaxed.相信与否,这是身体上不可能有任何类型的焦虑攻击,如果身体和精神都放松。 In fact, relaxation works so well that virtually every health […]事实上,放宽工程这么好,几乎每生[ … … ]

The 7 Secrets of Success 700成功秘诀

The 7 Secrets of Success 700成功秘诀
Have you ever wondered why two people, who have started with all the same advantages and disadvantages, which seem similar in almost every way, can end up in different places?你有没有想过,为什么两个人,他们已开始与所有相同的优点和缺点,这似乎类似,几乎在每一个方式,可以结束了在不同的地方呢?
Have you ever wondered how somebody can start with all the disadvantages in life, yet achieve success that surpasses those who start […]你有没有想过怎么有人可以从所有的缺点在现实生活中,尚未取得成功,这要高于那些开始[ … … ]

Are You Aware?你知道吗? Awareness Precedes Action.意识先行。 Common Pitfalls to be Aware of in Business:常见的陷阱,他们必须明白,在经营范围:

-Ellie Drake - ellie德雷克
Here are some possible resistances along the way, not necessarily for us to avoid and resist, but most importantly to be aware of and know that they are there.这里有一些可能的阻力在前进的道路上,并不一定是我们能够避免和抵制,但最重要的,他们必须明白和知道,他们都在美国。 Even the most dedicated traveler on this journey, will come across pitfalls.即使是最专门的旅行者对这个征程中,会遇到的陷阱。
First pitfall: Obsessive goal orientation …第一陷阱:强迫目标取向…
Although it is great to set ambitious goals, […]虽然这是非常确定了雄心勃勃的目标, [ … … ]

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