life hacks
by Napoleon Hill 拿破仑希尔

One man who lost his entire fortune during the depression that began in 1929 was courageous enough to enumerate the benefits he gained from his loss.一名男子,谁失去了他的整个财富,在抑郁症开始于1929年,是勇于列举的好处,他获得了由他的损失。

“Through the loss of material fortune I discovered an intangible fortune of such huge proportion that it cannot be estimated in terms of material things.” “透过损失的物质财富,我发现了一个无形的财富这么大的比例,它无法估计,在物质的东西” 。

“The depression which started during the year 1929 was the cause of my greatest defeat; yet it brought about my noblest victory, for it introduced me to a philosophy of life that will take the sting out of all future defeats.” “抑郁症开始在1929年,是事业的我最大的失败,但它带来的,我最崇高的胜利,因为它介绍了我一个人生哲学认为,将采取刺出未来所有的失败” 。

“It deprived me of my money and other property, but it taught me that absolute independence is a theory only; that every one is dependent upon others in one way or another, through life, regardless of his material riches.” “它剥夺了我,我的钱或其他财产,但它教我绝对独立是一个理论只;每一位的是取决于其他一种或另一种方式,通过生活中,无论其物质财富” 。

“It taught me the futility of worrying over circumstances beyond one’s control.” “它教我是徒劳的忧虑超过不能控制的情况下1的控制” 。

“That fear can be spread, like an epidemic, by mass thought and talk.” “这种担心可以蔓延,像一个疫情,由群众思想和对话” 。

“That any circumstances which forces one, or inspires one to use his own Personal Initiative with Definiteness of Purpose is beneficial.” “任何情况下,部队一,或激励一个用他自己的个人主动与定性的目的是有益的” 。

“That money and real estate and other material things can become worthless through fear and a negative mental attitude toward the world at large.” “金钱和不动产及其他物质的东西可以成为一文不值的通过产生恐惧和消极的心态走向世界大” 。

“That the dominating thoughts of one’s mind have a definite way of clothing themselves in their appropriate physical equivalent, whether the thoughts are positive or negative.” “的主导思想,一个人的心目中有一定的方式,服装本身在其适当的物理当量,是否思考是正面或负面的” 。

“There is no such reality as something for nothing, either in the affairs of men or the realm of natural laws.” “有没有这样的现实的东西是什么,无论是在国际事务中的男性或境界自然法则” 。

“That a business conducted under the Golden Rule will survive a depression where those conducted without this principle cannot survive.” “业务下进行的金科玉律,将生存抑郁症的情况下进行的,没有这个原则,无法生存” 。

“That it is more blessed to render useful service, and more profitable than to demand something for nothing through government subsidies or public charity.” “这是受更为有福提供有用的服务,和更有利可图超过需求的东西是什么,通过政府补贴或公共慈善机构” 。

“That both success and failure originate in the mind, as a result of one’s dominating thoughts.” “无论成功与失败起源于心,作为一个结果,一个人的主导思想” 。

“That a man’s greatest blessing may consist in his greatest sorrow.” “一名男子的最大的祝福可能在他最大的悲哀” 。

“That there is one human being on whom one can depend, without disappointment, in time of adversity, and this is one’s self.” “有一个人对其中一人可以依靠,没有令人失望的是,在时间的逆境,这是一个人的自我” 。