by Alvin Soon via Life Coaches Blog由阿尔文尽快通过生活教练的博客
Bruce Lee.李小龙。 The very name conjures images of lightning-fast punches, rock-hard muscles, whirlwind footwork and a blazing intensity that demands attention.非常名称联想到的影像闪电般的快速重拳,岩石硬的肌肉,旋风式的步法和创新的强度要求的重视。
If you’ve only known The Little Dragon from his movies, you’ve been missing out.如果您只知道小龙从他的电影,你已经失踪了。 Catch rare footage from his first American screen test, his demonstration at the International Karate […]赶上难得的画面,从他的美国第一屏幕测试,他的示范,在国际空手道[ … … ]

Extra!额外的! Extra!额外的! Read all about it!阅读所有关于它! Here we are with the 7th edition of the Success Blog Carnival at Cultivate Greatness.我们在这里与第七版的成功,博客嘉年华培育的伟大。 I would like to thank each and everyone who submitted articles, as we have 55 submissions!!!我想感谢每一个人都提交了文章,因为我们有55份意见书! We are consistently growing and sharing valuable information.我们在不断增长和分享有价值的信息。 And I’m loving it!我爱它! And […]和[ … … ]

by Marguerite Pickett由玛格丽特pickett
It’s really not too difficult to identify a true control freak personality.这实在不是太困难,以确定一个真正的控制怪胎的个性。 For the most part, they have no friends because, quite frankly, nobody can stand to be around them.在大多数情况下,他们没有朋友,因为,坦白说,没有人能站在被他们周围。 They’re demanding, bossy, critical and manipulating.他们要求,发号施令,关键和操纵。 Their controlling aggressive behavior is consistent, they don’t want to give up.他们控制的攻击行为是一致的,他们不想放弃。 They have one goal in […]他们有一个目标,在[ … … ]

If you’ve ever been interested in starting your own business, but you’ve never felt you had the financial wherewithall to do so, check out entrepreneur Seth Godin’s eBook, The Bootstrapper’s Bible.如果您从未有兴趣在开始使用您自己的业务,但是您从来不认为你有财政wherewithall要这么做,请勾选出来的企业家,塞思戈丁的电子书,引导的圣经。
The 100+ page eBook hands out practical nuggets of wisdom on starting a business on the super-cheap. 100 +页电子书伸出了双手的实际掘金队的智慧,对创业就超级便宜。 Speaking of cheap, Bootstrapper’s Bible is available as […]在谈到便宜,引导的圣经可作为[ … … ]

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