By Charles A. Breeding由查尔斯甲育种

Recall the opening scene in the blockbuster movie, Forrest Gump – a feather floating in the wind, up and down and all around with no control or sense of direction whatsoever.还记得开幕式现场,在重磅炸弹的电影,阿甘正传-羽毛浮在风中,向上和向下和所有周围的无控制或意识的方向可言。 I would argue that many business people feel that awful feeling of being powerless, being blown around by the latest change […]我认为,许多商界人士认为,可怕的感觉,正在无能为力,被吹左右,由最新的改变[ … … ]

by Laura M. Turner由劳拉米特纳
Let’s face it, stress is everywhere.让我们面对它的压力无处不在。 It lurks in every corner and around every bend, just waiting to “get” us.它隐藏在每一个角落,和周围的每一个弯,只是等待“获得” 。 And study after study concludes that although some stress can be productive, prolonged stress can lead to chronic illness.和研究后,研究得出结论认为,虽然有些压力,可以生产,长期的压力可以导致慢性疾病。
Yet, stress can only “get us” if we let it.然而,强调只能“让我们”如果我们让。 If we can agree […]如果我们能够同意[ … … ]

By Max Lund由Max隆德
Almost all the human beings are facing problems in their lives for one or the other reason; there comes a point where they are stuck.几乎所有的人都面临的问题在他们的生活中的一个或其他原因;出现的地步,他们是被卡住了。 Our lives need a serious makeover.我们的生活需要有一个严重的面貌。 Some define it as ‘being in a rut’ or ‘caught in a funk’ but others don’t even bother to put a voice […]一些界定它作为'被在一个车辙'或'处于一个放克' ,但其他人没有理会,甚至把声音[ … … ]

by Wilfred Peterson由威尔弗雷德彼得森
Life is constantly pounding you from the outside with millions of hammer blows, but you have the last word as to how those blows will change you.生命是不断的冲击,你从外面以百万计的锤冲击,但你却硬道理,至于如何确定这些冲击会改变你。
Man alone, of all creatures of earth, can change his own pattern.男子单,所有的动物,地球,可以改变自己的模式。 Man alone is architect of his destiny.男子单是建筑师,他的命运。
William James declared that the greatest revolution in his […]威廉詹姆斯宣布的最大革命,在他的[ … … ]

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