Strategic Storytelling - A Leadership Development Tool战略故事-领导力发展工具

By Doug Stevenson由Doug史蒂文森
As the waiters cleared the dessert plates from the banquet tables, Joanne, the VP of Sales, stepped to the podium and began the annual meeting.作为侍应清理甜品板从宴会桌,乔安娜,销售副总裁,以加强讲台,并开始了这次年会。 The CEO, Jeff Carlson, could feel the heat building under his collar.该公司首席执行官杰夫卡尔森,可以感觉到热量的建设在他的衣领。 He wiped his sweaty palms on the linen napkin and took another sip of water to […]他抹去他的手掌出汗对亚麻餐巾,并乘坐另SIP的水[ … … ]

Why do Some People Consistently Inspire Others to Follow Their Lead?为什么有些人始终激励别人跟着他们走?

John C. Maxwell is world renowned for his knowledge of leadership, and his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader (published by Thomas Nelson, 1999), is clearly the place to get started.约翰三麦克斯韦,是世界著名的为他所知的领导下,和他的书, 21个不可缺少的素质的领导者(即刊登由托马斯纳尔逊, 1999年) ,显然是地方着手。 But first, let’s start with a simple question: Why do some people consistently inspire others to follow their lead?但首先,让我们从一个简单的问题:为什么有些人始终激励别人跟着他们走? According to John […]据约翰[ … … ]

5 Leaders Who Inspire Everyone五领导者激励大家

By Carmine Gallo由胭脂红Gallo是
Great leaders inspire.伟大的领导者激励。 They inspire everyone in their personal and professional lives, including customers, colleagues and employees.他们每个人在他们的个人生活和职业生涯,包括客户,同事和雇员。 Here are five men who stand apart, and what we can learn from each of them.这里有五名男子,他们的立场外,什么我们可以相互学习的。
Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group理查德布兰森创办人,维京集团

Richard Branson turned a small student magazine into one of the largest and most diverse conglomerates […]理查德布兰森把一个小的学生杂志成为全球其中一个最大和最多元化的财团[ … … ]

Thank And Grow Rich谢谢成长富国

By Rebecca Fine由丽贝卡罚款
No, that title isn’t the written expression of my old Okie* accent kicking in. “Thank” is EXACTLY the right word!不,那标题是不是书面表达我的老okie *口音踢乘虚而入"谢谢" ,是完全正确的字! (My apologies to the late Napoleon Hill, author of the classic, Think and Grow Rich.) (我的道歉,以已故的拿破仑希尔,作者的经典,思考和成长富国) 。

Gratitude is like a muscle.感谢像一个肌肉。 It takes regular exercise to strengthen it and make it strong.需定期做运动,以加强它,使它强大。 And if you […]如果您[ … … ]

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