By Suzanne Muusers由苏珊muusers
Life is risky.生活是很危险的。 We are taught from an early age that taking a risk is dangerous and not always worth it.我们现正教授从幼年起,考虑的风险是危险的,并不总是值得的。 Raising your hand in class when you think you know the answer could pay off, or it could lead to being ostracized.提高你的手在课堂上,当你认为你知道答案可以还清,或它可能导致被排斥。 Asking someone out on a date could lead to success […]有人要求列于一个日期,可能导致成功的[ … … ]

Via通过 /博客
Some people are always listened to.有些人总是聆听。 What they say matter, and everyone pays attention whenever they speak.他们说的事,大家都重视,每当他们发言。 Why is that so?为什么会这样呢? There’s an air of authority about their every words and actions, which helps them in getting their point across, when others would not even be heard.有一个空气的权力对他们每一个的言辞和行动,这有助于他们在获得他们的论点全国,当别人甚至不会被听到。
In short, they are what you and I […]简言之,他们是什么你和我[ … … ]

How many times were you told to make sure you worked hard in high school so you could go to college and get a good career job?多少次被你告诉,以确保你辛辛苦苦地工作,在高中这样您就可以进入大学并取得良好的职业工作呢? Okay, maybe not all of you got nagged about it, but probably a good portion of today’s generation of adults did.好吧,也许不是全部,你明白nagged约,但可能是一个很好的部分,今天的这一代的成年人没有。
It’s natural to wonder whether college is really […]它的自然不知是否学院,实在是[ … … ]

by J Timothy King由J提摩太国王
Why be an entrepreneur?为什么一个企业家呢? You know, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.大家都知道,企业家精神并不适合每一个人。 And it isn’t as great as entrepreneurial bloggers say it is.这不是大企业博客说它是。 Being an employee has some serious advantages.作为一个雇员有一些严重的优势。 Here are the top ten reasons to remain a wage slave:这里有十大理由,仍然是一个打工的奴隶:
10. 10 。 Some people actually like being employees.有些人其实就像员工。 At least that’s the rumor.至少这是谣言。 And they […]他们[ … … ]

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