by Kyle Tully由凯尔塔利
Are you living the Internet marketing lifestyle?你的生活互联网营销的生活方式呢? You know, laying on the beach sipping Mai Tais, occasionally tapping away on your laptop.你也知道,铺设在沙滩上结识各地清迈tais ,偶尔窃听远离您的笔记型电脑。 (Just to see how much money you’ve made this hour.) Or do you feel like you’re chained to your computer? (刚才看到了多少钱,你所做的这小时) ,或您觉得像您铁链到您的计算机? Are you working longer hours than ever before… and not […]你是长时间的工作比以往任何时候都…而不是[ … … ]

Research from a British university suggests that sodium benzoate, a common preservative found in many soft drinks, has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA.研究从英国大学表明,苯甲酸钠,一个共同的防腐剂,发现在许多软饮料,有能力关掉的重要组成部分的DNA 。
This could eventually lead to diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s.这可能最终导致的疾病,如肝硬化和帕金森的。
When a UK professor of molecular biology and biotechnology tested the impact of sodium benzoate on […]当一个英国教授,分子生物学和生物技术测试的影响,苯甲酸钠对[ … … ]

by Brian Tracy由Brian特雷西

Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems.创业是艺术寻找有利可图的解决问题。 Every successful entrepreneur, every successful businessperson has been a person who has been able to identify a problem and come up with a solution to it before somebody else did.每一个成功的企业家,每一个成功的商人一直一个人已经能够找出一个问题,并想出了一个解决办法之前,别人没有。 Here are the five rules for entrepreneurship.这里是五规则企业家精神。
Find A Need And Fill It找到一个需要填写
First, find […]首先,找到[ … … ]

by Founder, Bob Parsons由godaddy.com的创始人,鲍勃帕森斯
Of all the articles I’ve written for my Blog, this was the most popular.所有的文章我写我的博客,这是最流行的。 I’ve received many comments from readers saying they felt that part of, or all of, this article has either helped them with either something they were dealing with, or something they wanted to accomplish.我已经收到了许多意见,从读者说,他们认为部分,或全部的,这篇文章无论是帮助他们与他们要么被处理,或一些他们想要完成的任务。 Perhaps you will […]也许你会[ … … ]

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