Here is an unbelieveably cool tutorial on how to create a very cool gift for a waitress, valet, or bartender.这里是一个unbelieveably酷补习,就如何创建一个非常酷的礼物一个女服务员,代客或酒保。 This will get you noticed a bit, and a nice little ice breaker.这将让你有没有注意到一点,好一点冰断路器。

The Money Tshirt Design | Be a Hit with a Tip! 钱tshirt设计|是一个打击一个秘诀!

Try to start with a relatively clean, crisp bill.试图启动了一个比较干净,脆条例草案。 It will make it much easier.它将使容易得多。 All folds should be sharply creased.所有褶皱应大幅creased 。 It helps to go over the fold with a fingernail on a flat, hard surface.它有助于重复褶皱与手指甲一个单位,在坚硬表面。

Start by folding the bill precisely in half lengthwise.首先折叠条例草案正是在半长。 (I prefer to fold in toward the front of the bill. I think it produces a nicer design on the end product. For your first attempt, it will be easier to follow exactly the same orientation on the bill as shown in the photos.) Unfold the bill, leaving the crease produced by the fold for the next step. (我宁可褶皱走向前方的条例草案,我觉得这就产生了一种美好的设计对最终产品为你的第一次尝试,它比较容易遵循完全相同的取向对条例草案显示,在照片) 。开展这一活动的条例草案,留下皱所产生的褶皱,为下一步骤。

Fold the bill one quarter of the way in from each side lengthwise.折叠法案,有四分之一的方式,由每方长。 The edge of the bill should just meet the crease made by the fold in the previous step.边缘条例草案应只是满足皱由倍,在过去的一步。 Do this for both sides as shown.这样做对双方都如图所示。

Turn the bill over.把条例草案。 Fold the white of one end over as shown.折叠白纸的一端超过如图所示。 This will become the collar in the next step.这将成为衣领,在下一步骤。 (If the bill is printed unevenly, use the wider edge.) (这项法案若获得印刷不均匀,使用更广泛的优势) 。

Turn the bill over again.把条例草案再次改革。 From this side, angle-in the two corners from the end you folded in the last step.从这个方面,角,在两个角落,从您的最终目标折叠中的最后一个步骤。 The two points should meet precisely at the centerline.这两点应符合恰恰发生在中线。 The angle is not terribly important, but should be about the same as shown in the photo.角,不可怕重要的,但应该是相同的显示在照片。

Fold a little less than one third of the bill lengthwise from the opposite end as shown.倍略小于三分之一的条例草案纵向从对面完如图所示。 If you’re following in the same orientation as the photos, use the markings on the bill for a fold point.如果你依照在同一方向,因为这些照片,使用标记,对条例草案的一个折点。 (Notice that the edge of the bill just meets the word "OF" on the reverse printing.) If you fold too little, the shirt will appear too long in the end. (请注意边缘条例草案刚刚会见字"的"逆向印)如果您倍太少了,上衣会出现过长到底。 If you fold too much, the next step will not work.如果你褶皱太多了,下一个步骤将是行不通的。 See below.见下文。

Now you will fold inward in the same direction, tucking the previous fold under the "collar" created in step 4.现在,您将外来倍,在同一个方向, tucking前褶皱下的"蓝领"创造了在第4步。 So far it looks kinda ‘nifty, and if you know it is supposed to look like a shirt, you get the collar concept.至目前为止,它看起来有点'漂亮的,如果你知道它为了看起来就像是一个上衣,你会得到衣领的概念。 But wait, there’s more…但等待,还有更多…

Gently unfold the previous two folds, keeping the creases.轻轻地开展这一活动前两个褶皱,使creases 。 On the lateral fold furthest from the collar, refold it strait across as shown.关于横向褶皱,从最远的衣领, refold它横跨海峡所示。 (On the flatbed scanner, this made a bit of a mess of it, but it is fairly easy in 3D.) (关于平台式扫描器,这使得一些经济搞得一塌糊涂,但它是相当容易在三维) 。

(This step is hard to describe, but it is actually fairly easy.) You are going to introduce two new folds on each "sleeve". (这一步是很难形容的,但实际上,它相当容易) 。你是打算推出两个新的褶皱对每一个"袖" 。 I do this by holding each side of the previous fold between thumb and forefinger in the我认为这是由控股一边一国先前倍之间的拇指和食指在
orientation shown, just on either side of the vertical fold as shown.方向显示,就在两边的垂直褶皱如图所示。 Just force the angle to close slightly, and force the extra paper inside the vertical folds.正义的力量的角度来看,收盘微升,并迫使额外的文件内纵向褶皱。 Once you’ve got it looking right, force the insides to crease by pressing on a hard surface.一旦你已经找到了看的权利,迫使内侧,以防皱压于坚硬的表面。 (Try looking at the next photo - like I said, it is hard to describe!) (尝试从下一张照片-如我所说,这是很难形容! )

(This is a close-up of what the fold should look like when complete.) Do this for both sides. (这是我们一起来看看什么样的褶皱就应该是这个样子,当完成) 。做到这一点,为双方的共识。

(This is what it should look like after both sides are complete.) (这是什么,它应该是这个样子后,双方都完成) 。

When you re-tuck the fold you’ve been working on back under the collar, you’re done!当您重新塔克褶皱你已经工作就回下衣领,你就做! It should look about like this.它应该看看左右这样的。 With the basic shape, the collar and the sleeves, it should be recognizable.与基本形状,衣领和袖子,应该辨识。 Once you’ve done a few, you can try一旦你做了几年,您可以尝试
folding the whole thing into the reverse side, leaving the obverse side out.折叠整个事情到背面,留下正反方。 (Like I said, I think this looks better. This is especially true with 1 dollar bills where the edge seal on the reverse under the collar looks a little bit like a necklace.) (如我所说,我认为这看起来更好,这才是真正的,特别是与一美元兑法案那里边盖章就扭转下衣领看起来有点像一个项链) 。

What is really fun, is to fold up a 100 bill and put it in one of the plastic picture pouches in your wallet, to see how long you can keep $100 in your wallet!这才是真正的乐趣,是要倒闭了100条例草案,并把它放在一个塑料图片邮袋在你的钱包,看看如何,只要你能保持100元,在你的钱包! A test of retail fortitude!考验着零售毅力!

EDIT: Here is a video for those who are money origami challenged.编辑:这里是一个视频对于那些钱折纸挑战。

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  1. Travis Wright 查维斯赖特

    August 18th, 2006 at 1:25 pm 2006年8月18日在下午1点25分


    I just tried this with a $100, and put it in my wallet… and will not spend it!我只是试图与这100美元,然后把它放在我的钱包… …并不会花! It will help me attract more coin!它会帮助我,吸引更多的钱币! woo hoo!!胡加!

  2. Gwenny gwenny

    March 8th, 2007 at 8:10 pm 2007年3月8日在下午8时10分


    Very cool!非常酷! Thanks.谢谢。

  3. MJ 兆焦耳

    March 11th, 2007 at 6:48 pm 2007年3月11日在下午6时48分


    Hey, would it be possible to post a video of this?嘿,它可以张贴视频此事? I’m having difficulty making the sleeves我有了困难,使袖

  4. Hebjebe hebjebe

    March 12th, 2007 at 9:07 pm 2007年3月12日在下午9点07分


    A movie or some larger picutres would be very helpful一部电影或一些较大的picutres将是非常有益的

  5. Jason 贾森

    March 14th, 2007 at 3:17 pm 2007年3月14日在下午3点17分


    Score, got it, took a minute on the sleeves.分数,它得到了一分钟就袖子。

  6. dylan 迪伦

    March 14th, 2007 at 7:04 pm 2007年3月14日在下午7点04分


    well I’ll be, always wondered how to do that以及离开,总是不知道该怎么做

  7. neneborgs neneborgs

    March 17th, 2007 at 1:06 am 2007年3月17日在上午01时06分

    7 七日

    got it!听错! thanks.:)谢谢: )

  8. abracadabra abracadabra

    March 18th, 2007 at 4:06 pm 2007年3月18日于下午4时06分


    that is way cool.这就是出路凉爽。 the video makes it soo much easier to visualize.该频道更洙容易得多形象化。 i think i will be making some money origami this weekend我想我会作出一些钱折纸本周末 : )

  9. » 5 Great Ways To Leave A Tip · Personal Development Blog, Podcast, and Portal | Business Success Blog | Cultivate Greatness | » 5大途径留下一个秘诀个人发展博客,播客,和门户|商业上的成功博客|培育伟大|

    March 30th, 2007 at 4:35 am 2007年3月30日在上午04时35分

    9 九日

    […] are the directions to make the shirt. [ … … ]是方向,使衬衣。 Below is a video showing how to fold the […]下面是一个视频显示如何折叠[ … … ]

  10. Sharon 沙龙

    April 2nd, 2007 at 3:01 pm 2007年4月2日,在下午3点01分

    10 10个

    I have tried over and over again but I still can’t get the sleeves.我曾经尝试过,并一次又一次的,但我仍不能得到袖子。 Any help would be great!任何帮助将会很大!

  11. paul 保罗

    April 25th, 2007 at 5:53 am 2007年4月25日在上午05时53分

    11 11日

    i always wonderd how 2 do that nice我总是wonderd如何二日这样做尼斯 : )

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