Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success.现在研究表明,缺乏天然的人才是风马牛不相及的巨大成功。 The secret?秘诀吗? Painful and demanding practice and hard work痛苦的,并要求实践和辛勤工作
By Geoffrey Colvin由杰弗里colvin
What makes Tiger Woods great?是什么使得老虎伍兹大? What made Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett the world’s premier investor?是什么驱使的Berkshire Hathaway董事长沃伦巴菲特全球首屈一指的投资者? We think we know: Each was a natural who came into the world with a […]我们认为我们知道:每一次,是一个自然的人进入世界同一个[ … … ]

The 10 Part Framework to Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs 10个部分的架构来提供介绍像乔布斯

Our communications coach breaks down the ace presenter’s latest Macworld keynote.我们的通讯教练休息下来,王牌主持人的最新Macworld的基调。 The result?结果如何? A 10-part framework you can use to wow your own audience 10部分的框架,您可以使用哇你自己的观众

by Carmine Gallo由胭脂红Gallo是
When Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs kicked off this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo, he once again raised the bar on presentation skills.当苹果电脑( AAPL )执行长Steve Jobs揭开序幕,今年的MacWorld大会暨博览会,他再次提出酒吧演讲技巧。 While most presenters simply convey information, Jobs […]虽然大部分主持人简单地传达信息,就业岗位[ … … ]

How to Make Six Figures, Each and Every Year如何使六个数字,每年

If you read this, statistically you are not making a six figure income.如果你看过这一点,在统计上,你是不是作出了六个数字的收入。 We would all like to get make a lot of money so that we can be financially independent, but not all of us are willing to do what it takes together there.我们都希望获得可以大把大把地赚钱,以便我们能够做到财务独立,但不是大家都愿意做什么需共同努力。 You can’t just take an application down to a major […]你不能只是采取一种应用下降至一个重大[ … … ]

Four Simple Steps to Turn Persistence into a Habit 4个简单的步骤,把毅力成为一种习惯

by Bob Proctor由Bob Proctor的
If you were to choose just one part of your personality to develop that would virtually guarantee your success, I’d like to suggest that you place persistence at the top of your list.如果你来选择只是其中一部分你的个性发展,这将几乎保证你的成功,我想建议你的地方毅力在顶部的连络人清单中。
Napoleon Hill, in his classic Think and Grow Rich felt so strongly about this subject, he devoted an entire […]拿破仑希尔,在他的经典认为,成长丰富感受到如此强烈的这个问题,他专门整[ … … ]

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