photo by Sarah Hobbs照片由Sarah霍布斯
By Christina Laun由克里斯蒂娜laun
Although sometimes it may seem like it, no one is perfect.虽然有时可能似乎喜欢它,没有人是十全十美的。 Everyone makes mistakes and has at least a few faults.每个人都会犯错,并已至少有几个缺点。 And while it may seem like a noble goal, striving to be a perfectionist in your work or personal life can actually be more of a hindrance than a […]虽然它似乎就像一个崇高的目标,努力成为一个完美的在您的工作或个人生活其实是可以更多的障碍比[ … … ]

flickr image by Dalydose Flickr图像由dalydose
by John Hoff @ eVentureBiz.com由约翰
A short time ago I received an email from a young entrepreneur asking me how he was suppose to compete in a marketplace where the competition was high and more established companies had big advertising bucks.短的时间前,我收到一封电子邮件从一个青年企业家问我他是如何被假设在竞争的市场环境下,竞争是高更成立的公司拥有庞大的广告雄鹿。 I mentioned a few ideas to him but the one that concerned […]我提到的几点意见向他,但一涉及到[ … … ]

by Dr. John Maxwell博士约翰麦克斯韦
An earnest young man once approached me during a Q & A session, and asked, “What is the ONE THING I need to know to be a great leader?” as if he was searching for the hidden key to unlock the universe.一,认真青年男子一旦找我在答问时间,并问: “什么是一件事,我需要知道要成为一个伟大的领导人? ”如果他是搜寻隐藏的关键,解开宇宙。 Amused by the simplicity of his question, my answer was […]有趣的简单他的问题,我的答案是[ … … ]

Be Your Real True Self得到您的真实真实的自我

by Yehuda Berg由耶胡达伯格
Most of us aren’t 100% real.我们大多数人不是百分之一百的实质。 We are too afraid to show our true colors, to unfurl the flag of our true thoughts and emotions.我们太害怕,以显示我们的真实面目,不愿透露姓名的旗帜,我们的真正的想法和情绪。 We think people would run away screaming if they saw what we really looked like.我们认为人会逃跑,尖叫,如果他们看到了什么,我们真的看上去像。 Or we think they would fire us, drop us, hate us, judge us, […]或我们认为他们将我们的消防,下降我们,恨我们,评判我们, [ … … ]

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