From Business Survival to Business Growth.

For a start, all businesses share certain commonalities. Among these are what I call the “four oarsmen” of business success: survival, liquidity, profit, and growth.
1. 1 。 Survival speaks for itself. Every living being is faced with issues of survival in routine threats to existence. In business, such threats can be as simple […]

To Be Successful in Life, Eliminate the F–Words

By William Arruda

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to stop using four–letter words that begin with the letter ‘F’. No, I’m not talking about cleaning your mouth out with soap. Of course, cursing your boss is probably not going to get you very far. But the F–words I share […]

Lessons From A Dot-Bomb CEO

by Aaron Simmons
The best “mistake” of my life taught me a lot about how not to run a business.最好的"错误"我的生活使我领悟到了很多关于如何不经营企业。 You see, I have a confession to make: I’ma Dot-Bomb CEO. Here’s the story of Midwestern Cybertising, and the lessons I’ve learned:
Prior to 1994, the Internet existed as pages and pages of text, with hyperlink […]

Secrets of Greatness: What it Takes to be Great

Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. The secret? Painful and demanding practice and hard work痛苦的,并要求实践和辛勤工作
By Geoffrey Colvin
What makes Tiger Woods great? What made Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett the world’s premier investor? We think we know: Each was a natural who came into the world with a […]

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