by Cherie Carter-Scott由切丽卡特-斯科特
Rule One - You will receive a body.规则之一-您将收到一个机构。 Whether you love it or hate it, it’s yours for life, so accept it.无论你爱它,要么恨,那是你们的生命,因此接受它。 What counts is what’s inside.什么是什么的内。

Rule Two - You will be presented with lessons.规则二-您将提交与教训。 Life is a constant learning experience, which every day provides opportunities for you to learn more.生命是一个不断学习的经验,每天提供机会让您了解更多信息。 These lessons […]这些教训[ … … ]

by Travis Wright由特拉维斯赖特

When a situation doesn’t turn out as you would liked it to, take a moment to reflect and visually float above it all.当情况不出来,因为你会喜欢它,采取的时刻,以反映和视觉浮法上述这一切。 Seriously.严重。 Imagine that your are like a spirit floating above this moment in time.可想而知,您是像一个漂浮的精神,上述这一瞬间的时光。 Now, take look from a new angle.现在,看看从一个新的视角。 Sometimes, you will find a […]有时,你会发现,一[ … … ]

by Cari Vollmer由cari沃尔梅
Do you know your life’s purpose?你知不知道你的人生的目的何在? Most people, at some point, wonder what theirs is.大多数人,在一些点,不知道他们是什么。 We search for meaning and hope that our lives carry special meaning.我们寻求的意义,并希望我们的生活进行特殊的意义。 We sense, at a deep level, there is MORE to life.我们意义上说,在深层次,有更多的生命。 We can feel it.我们可以感受到它。

Discovering your life’s purpose is more like putting together a big puzzle […]发现你的人生的目的是更象一道把一个大拼图[ … … ]

By: Abbas Abedi由:阿巴斯abedi
Do you believe in synchronicity?你认为在同步? Do you believe in ESP?你认为在电除尘器? Have you ever felt a strong hunch?您曾经认为,一个强大的决择呢? Have you had that eerie feeling that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, it eventually translated to reality?你是否曾认为,令人毛骨悚然的感觉,一些即将发生的,和你的惊喜,它最终转化为现实?

Welcome to the world of intuition!欢迎世界各地的直觉! This is when you feel strongly about something without […]这是当你强烈的感受的东西没有[ … … ]

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