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Goal setting is the framework for personal achievement.目标设定是一个框架,为个人的成就。 It is the backbone of becoming a person you desire to be.它是公司的支柱,成为一个人,你的愿望。 Setting and achieving personal goals will guarantee you success.制定和实现个人目标,将保证你的成功。 Most people who do set goals have little to no understanding of goal setting and as a result fail to achieve them and never succeed.多数人做的既定目标已很少或几乎没有认识,目标设定,并因此未能实现他们不会得逞的。 You would think that if goal setting was the ultimate skill and secret to success that everyone would develop their own personal goals and learn to achieve them.你可能会认为,如果目标设定是最终的技能和秘密的成功,每个人都将发展自己的人生目标和学习来实现这些目标。 Unfortunately, the world is not that perfect.不幸的是,世界并不完美。 There are six dangerous reasons people do not set and achieve their goals which act like a road block to their success.有6个危险的原因,人们不设定并实现自己的目标,这是要做一个路障,以他们的成功。

There are several reasons why people do not set goals similarly to why people do not care about communicating effectively.这有几个原因,为什么人们不定下的目标,同样人们为什么不关心有效沟通。 I know with absolute certainty that everyone will experience a more successful and far enjoyable life if they learned to communicate effectively.我知道绝对肯定地说,每个人都将经历一个较为成功的和深远的愉快生活,如果他们学会了有效沟通。 Arguably the greatest modern day personal development Coach, Anthony Robbins said, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” Effective communication determines the quality of your life with others while self development determines the quality of your inner life.可以说是最伟大的现代个人发展教练,安东尼罗宾斯说: "我们沟通的方式与其他人,并从自身做起,最终决定着我们生活的质素。 "有效的沟通,决定着素质你的生活与他人的同时,自我发展决定的质量你党内生活。

The first reason I believe why people do not set goals is they do not see its importance. Like people who do not develop their communication and other aspects of themselves, they do not see the importance of setting goals. 第一个原因,我相信人们为什么不定下的目标是,他们看不到它的重要性。一样的人,不发展他们的交流和其他方面的,他们自己也看不到的重要性,订定目标。 I have met people who are unbelievably resistant to developing their communication.我会见的人,令人难以置信的抗性发展他们的沟通。 They have actually found it insulting to think they need to improve how they communicate!他们其实发现它侮辱,我认为他们需要改善他们如何沟通! Every single person on the face of this Earth can always communicate more effectively and have their life improve as a result.每一个单人,面对这个地球上总能更有效的沟通,并把他们的生活改观。 Likewise, with goals there are people who do not see the importance of setting personal goals.同样地,与目标还有人看不到的重要性,订定人生目标。 Goal setting forms the foundations for personal achievement and it is of the utmost importance.目标设置形式根基,让个人成就,而且是极为重要的。

The second reason why people do not set goals is a fear of others caused from criticism. People criticize because they see faults in others or are brainwashed by society and other beliefs into thinking greatness cannot be achieved. 第二个原因,为什么人们不定下目标,是怕引起别人批评,人们批评,因为他们认为故障他人或者是强迫洗脑,由社会和其他信仰的伟大思想,就不可能实现。 They criticize to hold people back from achieving goals.他们批评持有人的回离实现目标。 Average people do not want others to go beyond average.一般人不希望别人超越平均水平。 A person can fear setting goals because each time they have set goals in the past, others have criticized and shot down their dreams.一个人可以不怕设定目标,因为每一次他们都确定了目标,在过去,其他人都批评,并击落了他们的梦想。 Others impose their own self-limiting beliefs through criticism instilling fear within the person.别人强加给自己的自限性信仰的批评灌输恐惧内部的人。 Think of receiving criticism as a poisonous needle injected into your body.想接受批评作为一种有毒的针头注射到你的体内。 It slowly controls and destroys what you want.它慢慢地控制,并摧毁了你想要的。 The destructive thought of fear controls the person from achieving anything remarkable.破坏性思维恐惧控制人,从实现什么了不起。 Put bluntly, screw what people think.毋庸讳言,在螺杆什么人的想法。 Screw allowing people to destroy your life with their beliefs.螺杆是让人们摧毁你的生活与自己的信仰。 Society is filled with endless garbage to prevent you from achieving your goals.社会是充满了无尽的垃圾,以防止你实现你的目标。 If you want something, go and get it by setting and achieving personal goals.如果你想要的东西,去获得它的制定和实现个人的目标。

The third reason why people do not set goals is a fear of failure. They can think success is derived from not failing. 第三个理由,为什么人们不定下目标,是一个害怕失败的,他们能想到的成功是来自没有失败。 The opposite is true.正好相反。 Success comes from failing a lot and failing fast.成功来自于失败了很多,并不能太快。 Famous inventor Thomas Edison said, “I haven’t failed.著名发明家托马斯爱迪生说: "我没有失败。 I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Being an inventor, Thomas understand failure was apart of success.我刚刚发现10000的方式将行不通"作为一个发明家,托马斯明白失败的,除了成功的。 Failure was the nuts and bolts that constructed his success.失败的主要原因是螺母和螺栓即建造他的成功。 Understand that failure occurs and it shows you are taking action.明白失败的出现,它显示你正在采取的行动。 Learn from failure and enjoy knowing you are moving towards your goals instead of fearing to set out after them in the first place.学会从失败和享受知道你是迈向你的目标不是怕订定后,他们在首位。

The fourth reason why people do not set goals is a fear of success. People who fear success believe it is bad. 第四个原因,为什么人们不定下目标,是一个成功恐惧的人,恐怕成功的,相信它是坏。 The fear is common in wealth and wanting an attractive partner because negative results will occur.令人担心的是,在共同的财富和希望是一个有吸引力的伙伴,因为负面的结果会发生。 They believe wealth is evil or a certain type of partner is unfaithful.他们认为财富是罪恶或某一类型的合作伙伴是不忠诚的表现。 The fear prevents them achieving what they want by not laying the foundations of their desire with goal setting.怕妨碍了他们实现他们要什么,不奠定了基础,他们的愿望与目标设定。

The fifth reason why people do not set goals is they do not know how. This reason relates to fear of failure where the person has set goals in the past, but has not achieved them and becomes discouraged from the failure. 第五个原因,为什么人们不定下的目标是,他们不知道怎么办。这个原因,是关乎害怕失败,而该人已确定了目标,在过去,但还没有达到他们成为气馁,从失败的。 These people become disheartened from the failure and think failure is imminent.这些人灰心,从失败,并认为失败是迫在眉睫。 They do not learn from past mistakes and move towards personal growth.他们不学习,从过去的错误,并走向自我成长。 The classic example of this is losing weight as a new year’s resolution.典型的例子是,日渐消瘦,作为新的一年的决议案。 A mere temporary motivation inspires the person who is lucky to lose weight in January but no further progression towards achieving the goal occurs in later months.只是暂时的激励鼓舞人,是幸运的减肥一月但目前还没有进一步的进展为实现上述目标发生,在以后的几个月。 If you do not set and start working towards a goal now, what makes you think you will be able to achieve it as a new year’s resolution?如果你不设定并开始工作迈向一个目标,现在,是什么使你认为你将能够实现,它作为一种新的一年的决议? There are techniques such as SMART goal setting which I have written about but are not covered in this article.有技术,如智能目标设定,其中我已经写了约,但不包括在本条规定。 Using SMART goals enables you to set and achieve goals then merely wishing a result based on temporary motivation too common around the new years period.使用智能目标,使您可以设定并达到目标,然后只希望结果的基础上临时动机过于共同围绕新的一年期。

The sixth reason why people do not set goals is they lack the inner desire to want something greater then what they currently have. For them, the ordinary or even sub-ordinary is sufficient. 第六个理由,为什么人们不定下的目标是,他们缺乏内在的愿望,希望更多的东西,然后,他们目前已对他们来说,普通的,甚至分普通,是不够的。 These people do not believe they can reach or deserve success because society has conditioned them into thinking they are ordinary people and therefore must do ordinary things.这些人不相信他们能达到或值得成功的,因为社会已经为条件,他们以为他们是普通百姓,因此必须做的平凡的事。 It can also be caused by failure, criticism, and other reasons as to why people do not set goals.它也可能引起故障,批评,以及其他原因,因为人们为什么不定下的目标。

Did you find yourself relating to one of these six dangerous reasons people do not set goals and as a result never succeed?你会发现自己与其中的6个危险的原因,人们不设定目标,并作为一个结果,是绝对不可能得逞? Do not fret too much because you are now more self-aware and able to doing something about.不要烦恼太多,因为你现在更有自我意识,并能够采取一些措施。 All that is required for you to do is learn how to set achievable goals.所有这些都是需要你做的事是学习如何制定可以实现的目标。 I personally advise people to follow the SMART goal setting technique because its congruency with successful goal setting is spot on.我个人提醒人们遵循聪明目标设定技术,因为它的叠合与成功的目标设定是现货。 You set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and tangible goals leading to your success.您设定具体,可衡量,可实现,现实的,有形的目标,导致你的成功。 Master this skill and you will have the most powerful personal development technique in your grasp to achieve success.掌握这一技能,你将拥有最强大的个人发展的技术在你的把握获得成功。

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