by Larry Blenn由拉里blenn
Many people who are first introduced to the law of attraction may find the idea to be quite uplifting at first.许多人都是第一次介绍给吸引定律可能会觉得这个构思相当隆升在第一。 Then we settle back into our daily rituals and the newness of the idea falls to the way side.那么我们回来定居,融入我们的日常生活礼仪和新奇的构思落在了道路一侧。 For many people our first instinct is to think of the law of […]对许多人而言,我们本能地认为我国的法律规定[ … … ]

Sometimes our lives contract before they expand.有时候,我们的生活合同,然后扩大。 We may be working hard on ourselves spiritually, doing good in the world, following our dreams, and wondering why we are still facing constrictions of all kinds-financial, emotional, physical.我们可能会努力工作,对自己,在精神上,做好事,在世界上,随着我们的梦想,不知道为什么我们仍然面临constrictions的各种金融,情绪,身体。 Perhaps we even feel as if we’ve lost our spirituality and are stuck in a dark room with no […]也许我们甚至感觉好像我们已经失去了我们的灵性,并停留在一个黑暗的房间没有[ … … ]

The Fear Factor!恐惧因素!

by Clestine Herbert由clestine赫伯特
Fear has paralyzed some and curtailed the plans of others.恐惧已经瘫痪,一些和削减计划等。 It can start as small as a mustard seed, and then develop into a large oak tree.它可以开始为小作为芥菜种子,然后再发展成一个大柞树。 Fear is always lurking around the corner, hiding behind characteristics, and then showing up in unforeseen circumstances.害怕的是永远潜伏在街角,背后隐藏的特点,然后出现在不可预知的情况。 It has escorted many men and women through life, […]据陪同下许多男人和女人的人生, [ … … ]

by Wendy Betterini由温蒂贝泰里尼
Have you ever experienced moments when everything seemed to just flow?你们有经验的时候,一切似乎只是流吗? Moments when you didn’t have to struggle or fight or force things to happen?矩时,你根本不知道,以斗争中,还是扑灭或武力事情吗? It’s as if there were a giant hand holding a magic wand a few paces ahead of you at every step, magically shifting circumstances so that everything goes […]它的,因为如果有一个巨人之手,持有魔杖数步伐前进的,你每行一步,神奇地转移的情况下,使一切[ … … ]

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