Ok, so just got off the phone with a good friend.确定,所以刚才下车的电话与一位好朋友。 We were discussing the importance of defining your own personal mission statement.我们讨论的重要性,确定自己的个人使命声明。
Why are you here?为什么你在这里出现? What is your purpose in life?你有什么目的,在生活中呢? What is your life’s mission?什么是您生活的使命? What do you wish to accomplish?你怎么想完成? Where would you like to go?如果你想去? How […]如何[ … … ]

Part of success in life is how well we deal with stress.的一部分,成功的人生是我们如何处理压力。 The beauty of this is we can learn to deal better with stress so it is a life skill we can improve.美丽的,这是我们可以学习,以更好地处理压力,所以这是一个生活技能,我们可以改善。 No one can make us do anything.没有人能够使我们做任何事情。 People and events do not cause us stress; it is our reaction to what […]人与事件不引起我们的应力;这是我们的反应是什么[ … … ]

This may be the most compelling word of all.这可能是最具吸引力的字眼。 “Why”. “为什么” 。 It motivates people to think and wonder.它促使人们去思考和怀疑。 Children ask “why” of everything.儿童问“为什么”的一切。
The reason “why” is so important in human thought is that thought revolves around meaning.理由“为什么”是如此重要,在人类思想是,围绕思想的意义。 If something has no meaning to us, we ignore it.如果事情没有意义,我们忽略它。 When it takes on meaning, we fix our attention […]当它的意义,我们修正我们的注意[ … … ]

The way in which a person speaks can contribute either positively or negatively to a perception of magnetism.以何种方式一个人的讲话能有助于无论是正面或负面的,以一种观念的磁性。 Often, more significance is attached to the way something is said than to what is actually being said.很多时候,更重要的是重视的方式东西是说,比什么,其实正说。 A forceful voice, which includes a consistent tone without vocalized pauses, connotes power, control, and confidence, thus […]一个有力的声音,其中包括一个一致的语气没有vocalized停顿,内涵的权力,控制和信心,从而[ … … ]

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