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Ever play with Tinkertoys as a kid?与以往任何时候都发挥tinkertoys作为一个孩子? This toy where you had wheels with peg holes in it, and wood stems of various sizes in which you could create anything.这个玩具在那儿,你不得不车轮用PEG的洞穴,和木材来源于不同大小的中,您可以创建任何事情。 Well, I ran across this book,那么,我遇到这本书, Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques thinkertoys :一本手册,创造性思维技巧 , by Michael Michalko, has inspired my creativity… I’m only about 28 pages into it! ,由Michael michalko ,激发了我的创造力…我只有约28页到它!

He has ten ways to help drive your creative juices.他已10的方式,以帮助驱动器您的创意果汁。 I have paraphrased them for us to use.我paraphrased他们为我们使用。

1. 1 。 Set an Idea Quota. - Give your mind a workout every day. 树立一个理念的配额。 -让您心目中的锻炼,每天。 Set yourself an idea quota for a challenge you are working on, such as finve new ideas ever day for a week.设定的一个想法配额的挑战,您的工作,如finve的新思路以往任何时候都天为一个星期。 you’ll find the first five are the hardest, but these will quickly trigger other ideas.您可以找到的第一个五年是最难的,但这些很快就会触发其他的想法。 The more ideas you come up with, the greater your chances of coming up with winner. Having an idea quota will force you to actively generate ideas and alternatives rather than waiting for them to occur to you.更想法,你想出了,更大的机会与未来的赢家。 有一个想法配额将迫使你产生积极的思路和办法,而不是等待他们的出现给您。

2. 2 。 Get Tone. - Fighter pilots say, “I’ve gone tone” when their radar locks onto a target. 得到的语调。 -战斗机飞行员说, “我已经经历了口气: ”当他们的雷达锁定到一个目标。 That’s the point at which the pilot and plane are totally focus on the target.这一点上飞行员和飞机是完全着眼于目标。 “Getting tone” in everyday life means paying attention to what’s happening around you. “得到的语气: ”在日常生活中的手段,注重了什么事你身边。

Ordinarily we do not make the fullest use of our ability to see.通常我们不充分利用我们的能力,看到的。 We move through life looking at a tremendous quantity of information, objects, and scenes, and yet we look but do not see .我们通过寻找生活在一个巨大的信息量,对象和场面,但我们期待 ,但没有看到 Paying attention to the world around you will help you develop the extraordinary capacity to look at mundane things and see the miraculous.注意周围的世界,你会帮助您发展的非凡能力,看看世俗的东西,看到了奇迹。

3. 3 。 Don’t Be a Duke of Habit. - Stretch yourself and take a the road less traveled occasionally. 不要被一公爵的习惯。 -舒展自己,并采取道路少,偶尔走过的。 Deliberately program changes into your daily life.刻意程序变更到您的日常生活。 Make a list of the things you do by habit.作出名单的事情,你这样做的习惯。 Try driving a different route to work.尝试驾驶不同的路线工作。 Change your sleeping hours, Read a different newspaper, Try different recipes.改变您的睡眠时间,阅读不同的报纸,尝试不同的食谱。 Take a bath instead of a shower.采取洗澡,而不是一个淋浴。 You would be surprised how your mind reacts to new things in this way.你会感到十分惊讶您的想法如何反应新的东西,这样做的。

The Brain that doesn’t feed itself, eats itself. -Gore Vidal大脑并不饲料本身,吃本身。 -戈尔维达尔

4. 4 。 Feed Your Head. - Leaders are Readers. 饲料在你的头上。 -领导人都以飨读者。 So are creative people.因此,是创造力的人。 Lets feed our heads full of amazing information, and have a larger database in which to pull ideas from.让我们的饲料元首充满了惊人的信息,并有一个更大的数据库,其中退出的想法。 Read Magazines on varied subjects.阅读杂志对不同的科目。 Read Nonfiction.读散文。 When reading them, practice thinking up solutions for any problems presented in the book, before they reveal it in the book.当他们读,实践,思想行动解决方案的任何问题,在这本书中,之前,它们揭示了它在这本书中。 Think as you read, and take notes.相信您阅读,并采取笔记。 Write in the margins of your book, write in a notebook the ideas you have captured from the book, highlight passages.写在边缘了您的书,写在笔记本电脑的想法,你已抓获从书籍,突出通道。 Also, feel free to OUTLINE a book prior to your reading it, to help you know what you are going to learn.同时,请随时纲要的一本书之前,您的阅读,以帮助您知道什么你要了解。 Also, maybe you could outline the book after you read it, without looking at the table of contents.另外,也许你可以纲要这本书后,您阅读它,而不看表的内容。

5. 5 。 Do a Content Analysis. - Check things out! 做内容分析。 -检查的事情! Do a scan of your junkmail before you throw it away, in fact, put all your junkmail in a big box for about a month, then scan it to see if there are any emerging trends or ideas to be gleamed from it.做了扫描您的邮件之前,你扔扔掉,事实上,把您的所有邮件在一个大框约一个月,然后扫描它,看看是否有任何新出现的趋势或想法要gleamed从它。 When you are on the road, scan local newspapers for interesting ideas.当您在旅途中,扫描本地报刊为有趣的想法。 Observe popular culture and find out what people are interested in and why they are popular.观察流行文化,并找出是什么人有兴趣在和他们为什么受欢迎。 Attend many business lectures and seminars as you can.出席的许多业务讲座和研讨会,作为您可以。 Listen to different radio stations every week to get a variety of input.听取不同的电台,每星期能得到多种投入。

life hacks
6. 6 。 Create a Brain Bank. - I love this idea. 创建一个大脑银行。 -我很喜欢这个构思。 Collect and store ideas like a pack rat.收集和储存的想法一样,一包老鼠。 Keep a container (coffee can, Tupperware, shoebox, etc) of ideas and idea starters.保持一个货柜(咖啡罐,特百惠,鞋盒等)的意见和想法创业。 Begin collecting interesting ads, quotes, designs, pictures,questions, cartoons, doodles and words that might triggers ideas by association.开始收集有趣的广告,报价,设计,图片,问题的,卡通频道, Doodles “和的话,可能会触发思想的协会。

Each day, remind yourself that you are working on disciplines everyday that making you better and better.每一天,告诉自己,你的工作纪律,每天让你越办越好。 - Jim Rohn -吉姆罗恩

When looking for a new idea, shake up your BrainBank and pull out a couple ideas and free associate, you will be pleasantly surprised how this will help you.当寻找一个新的想法,动摇您的brainbank和退出一对夫妇的想法和免费协理,你会惊喜如何,这将帮助您。

7. 7 。 Be a Travel Junkie. - When you are bored, GET UP AND GO SOMEWHERE! 是一个旅行junkie 。 -当你感到无聊,站起来去! Go to a trade show, a quirky store, an antique shop, museum, or flea market… just go.去一个贸易展,一个古怪的商店,古董商店,博物馆,或跳蚤市场…刚才去。 And when you are there, walk around with an open mind and allow yourself to be DRAWN to something.当你有,走动与开放的态度,并让自己订定一些。 Once there, use your mind to make a connection to something else in your life, and it may creatively help you solve some problem.一旦有,使用您的想法,使连接到的东西,否则在你的生活,它可能会创造性地帮助您解决一些问题。

8. 8 。 Capture your Thoughts. - Record your thoughts, Carry around a little moleskin in your back pocket. 捕捉您的想法。 -记录您的想法,进行约一小m oleskin在您的回口袋。 Scientists say that we can keep 5-9 ideas actively in our mind, then they float away.科学家说,我们能保持5-9的思想,积极在我们的脑海中,那么他们浮法消失。 We remember some, and some are gone.我们还记得一些,有些已成过去。 By, keeping the notebook in your backpocket, you will capture the thought when it is there.由,使笔记本电脑在您的backpocket ,您将捕获的思想时,它的存在。 Then you can review it, and perhaps your mind may be able to make a better connection with it later on.然后你可以检讨,也许您的想法也许能够作出更好的结合,后来又对。

9. 9 。 Think Right. - Consciously work to make your thinking more fluent with your thinking. 认为权利。 -自觉的工作使您的思想更流利的与您的想法。 So, making descriptive lists as a way to capture thought fluency.因此,决策的描述名单,作为一个好方法,掌握思想流利。

10. 10 。 Keep an Idea Log. - Take a Moleskine or a Composition book, and divide it into sections that you want to captures ideas. 保持一个想法日志。 -采取m oleskine或一本书组成,并分成部分您想要捕捉的想法。 Marketing ideas, Home Improvement Ideas, special projects, planning ideas, comedy skits, or whatever you wish to capture.营销理念,家居装修的观念,特别项目,规划思路,喜剧skits ,或无论你想捕捉。

After you read the book, you may want to consider purchasing the accompanying当您阅读这本书,您可能要考虑购买所附 Thinkpak: A Brainstorming Card Deck thinkpak :集思广益卡甲板 which gives you additional exercises to help you tap into your creativity.让你额外的演习,以协助您进军您的创意。

Hope this helps you!希望这可以帮助您!


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