I was over at a Japanese friend’s house the other night and he started to show me how to make origami with Japanese money.我是超过在日本朋友的房子,其他晚上和他开始显示出我如何使折纸与日本的金钱。 We were having a great time when he said, “The only problem is that there is no tipping in Japan.我们有一个伟大的时候,他说: “唯一的问题是有没有小费在日本。 When I was In the US, I would fold the dollar bills there and leave them as tips.当我在美国,我想倍美元的法案,并且让他们作为提示。 It was so much fun watching the waitresses when they went to gather the tips.这是这么多的乐趣,看的女服务员当他们去收集的秘诀。 I miss doing that.”我错过这样做“ 。

That’s when it occurred to me that it really would be fun to leave your tips as origami.这是当它发生,我认为它真的很好玩离开您的提示,作为折纸。 At the very least you would leave an impression and likely the people at the restaurant would remember you from that day forward whenever you came in. So here are five origami that should leave a lasting impression when you leave a tip:在非常至少你会离开一个印象,并很可能是人在餐厅都会记得您从那天起,每当你提出来英寸,所以这里有五个折纸,应该留下一个持久的印象,当您留下一个小秘诀:

#5 Shirt: # 5恤:


Here are the directions to这里是方向 make the shirt使恤 . Below is a video showing how to fold the shirt.下面是一个视频显示如何折叠衬衫。

#4 Bow Tie # 4领结


Here are the directions to make the这里是方向,使 Bow Tie领结 and here is a the这里是该 bow tie being made in a video领结正在取得的视频

#3 Spider # 3蜘蛛


You need five $1 bills to make this origami.您需要5 1美元的法案,以使这个折纸。 Here are the directions to make the这里是方向,使 Spider蜘蛛

#2 Rosette # 2花环


Here are the directions to make the这里是方向,使 Rosette花环

#1 Accordion (pleated) Dollar # 1手风琴(折叠)港元

I couldn’t find the design or someone folding it, but this was just too cool not to place as number one.我无法找到设计或某人的折叠,但是这只不过是太不冷静的地方,人数1 。 The design comes from the book “Origami to Astonish and Amuse” which you can pick up for under $10 at Amazon and is probably available at your public library.设计是来自这本书“折纸,以astonish和逗” ,您可以选择为10美元,在亚马逊和可能是可在您的公共图书馆。 I have heard it’s an excellent source if you would like to leave even more amazing origami shapes and figures as tips.我听到它的一个很好的来源,如果您想离开,甚至更加令人惊奇的折纸的形状和数字作为提示。 Take the time to learn how to fold a dollar bill in a few different ways and it will make leaving a tip at the restaurant an enjoyable part of the meal.采取时间去学习如何折美元条例草案在几种不同的方式和这将使留下了提示,在餐厅一个愉快的部分的膳食。

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  1. Nick 尼克

    September 1st, 2007 at 11:33 am 2007年9月1日在上午11时33分

    1 1

    Here’s instructions that can help with your #1 origami这里的指示,可以帮助您# 1折纸

    What I’d like instructions on is how to make我想要的指示,是如何使 this rose这玫瑰 which requires only one bill.要求只有一个条例草案。

  2. Ms Origami 女士折纸

    April 21st, 2008 at 4:00 pm 2008年4月21日下午4:00

    2 2

    Not one great idea, but five!!没有一个伟大构想,但五! Wow!哇! Don’t like the spider though… ICK!不喜欢蜘蛛,虽然… ick ! The poor waiter would probably swat it rather than pick it up!穷人的侍应生可能会特警它,而不是挑了! Well, maybe if you didn’t like the service, then it would be appropriate!以及,也许如果你不喜欢的服务,那么将是适当的! LOL!大声笑! I love it!我爱它! Thanks!谢谢!

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